Patine and my angel friend....

As you all know, Ange (my new friend who I met through blogging) and I spent the weekend doing patine.

We had a fabulous time and I was sad when she had to leave on Monday night but am sure that this is the first of many rendez vous.

{Ange and moi in the village square}

Patine is a wonderful skill to learn and very easy to apply to most objects.

To explain in simple terms, it is a matter of layering coats of paints then removing some to get an aged effect. You then apply wax to protect the object.

As we only had a couple of days, we used a hairdryer to speed up the drying process.

In the photo above, you can see some of the objects that we painted. It was too chilly to paint in the garage so we made do with my showroom area.

This is a fronton, top of an antique wardrobe which had the patine treatment.

It is very fashionable in France at present, to place these above doorways, and they are always featured in French interior magazines.

Here are some candelabras which have been patined......

We painted the most fabulous chandelier which has dancing cherubs at the top, but I still have to finish the lamp holders. It will then be rewired and I will add the crystals as a finishing touch.

This is a photo of one that we are selling in the shop that has not been painted. It has 6 branches, the one that we have applied the patine to has 8 branches so is perfect for a large bedroom, lounge or even a dining area.

As soon as I have finished painted it, I will post some photos.

Next spring Ange will be coming to our lovely medieval village; Eymet to hold Patine classes, I am in the process of setting up a blog " fabulously patine" which will be dedicated to patine.

I have a venue in mind which I think will be perfect but will see for myself in a couple of weeks time as I am attending Christmas wreath making classes there.

Ange bought me the most fabulous antique bird cage (early birthday present) which I am planning to paint and then hang in the hall of apartment two, complete with trailing ivy.

I am off to start washing the bird cage, I think that the bath may be the best place.

J'espère que vous avez un mercredi fabuleux.

L x


  1. Really interesting post! That bed it so beautiful! It does sound like you both had a wonderful time.
    Enjoy the wreath making course.
    I look forward to following your new blog!
    Take care

    Isabelle x

  2. Hi Leeann, How great to see a photo of the two of you together. I love the pieces that you both transformed. The fronton is particularly gorgeous!! Let me know when Ange is having her classes. How fun it would be to enrol!
    Amanda xx

  3. Leeann,
    This is wonderful! And you have done so much work in this weekend! Great!
    I love that front! It is a good idea to place that above doorways! Thank you!

    PS Sorry for being a bit too late but congrats for your mum's birthday!

  4. And I look forward to spending more time with you too... Specially for some early vide grenier mornings! Your Maison N° 20 is tout simplement élégant! Just like you... Looking forward to Amanda enrolling in the classes ;-)
    Looking forward to seeing what the chandelier turns out like; I know it is going to be beautiful!
    A xoxo

  5. It's all so wonderfully fabulous, Leeann. Oh, especially that gorgeous bed. What great fun and great results with Ange!

  6. What a fabulous way to spend a weekend! I would love to learn how to patine - it's such a beautiful finish and I would love a little wander around your gorgeous shop. Leigh

  7. Oh, I love that patine painted finish. I do it myself in rather an amateurish way. It's my favourite look at the moment. I can't wait to see your patine blog, Leeann. Please let us know when it's up and running. XXXX

  8. Hello Leeann! What a wonderful and creative week end you had! You made a great work with paints and patina! The beds are faboulous!

  9. These pieces look great, I would love to learn the technique! I love the piece for above the door.

  10. Hi Leeann,

    What a wonderful way to spend your weekend.
    Glad that you and Ange could get together and have some fun. Beautiful work and love the way the fronton turned out.


  11. Sounds like a fabulous weekend ~ such lucky girls! The bed is so beautiful and I am intrigued that you are using the process on meatal surfaces. I am interested to learn morea about this process and can't wait to see some close ups of your finished results. ~Jermaine @ French-Kissed

  12. What a fabulous post, patine is such a fine technique (though original aged patine is the very best!!), I will look forward to the new blog.

  13. How lovely to have someone to work on these projects with. Sounds like you had a great time. I'm very envious of your birdcage, dont forget to show when finished.

  14. Patine, I would like to know more about this technique, could you explain it in detail a little more, I would like to try this at home, but I'm not sure exactlly what to do

  15. Oh my....I'm going to have to give this "patine" a tryout....It looks lovely...

    Warm blessings,

  16. The bed is soooo beautiful. I would love to make it my own I am dying to visit France and this inspires me all the more. Lovely blog!


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