Vintage grain sacks

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As you all already know, I adore vintage items and spend a lot of time rummaging around vide greniers and brocantes looking for fabulous old things.

I have been hunting for a vintage grain sack for a while as these are becoming harder to source in France.

I especially love the old grain sacks that have crests and crowns on them, like this one.

{image from here}

I was starting to think that there were more in America than there were here in France, when to my delight, I stumbled across this one.

I have a fabulous old mirror surround which I am going to use to frame it and will then hang it above the fireplace in my shop. I am also planning on stocking vintage grain sacks in my shop, subject to availability.

I am also going to be stocking a range of french style products including tea towels like this one.

This is just one design that I will be stocking and promise that the others are just as fabulous and of course french.

As I am writing this my team of elves is busy making lots of lovely products, perfect for christmas gifts.

A demain,

L x


  1. I can see why you love grain sacks! I have an ottoman covered in them, however I think it is just a reproduction made by printing on hessian.

  2. Waw! They're stunning! I adore them!

  3. Beautiful! How wonderful that you found one of these gorgeous grain sacks - I'm very envious. Leigh

  4. I could just move right into this displayed you have created! I adore everything...including the bed!
    PLEASE tell me you are going to be able to ship to us here in the states!
    Ever so excited for you can't wait until opening day!
    Have a wonderful

  5. These are beautiful! Glad you found one!

  6. What a wonderful find! You are right, they are very hard to find. I love your adorable towel, can't wait to see what else you come up with.
    xo, Michelle

  7. I love when things get reused in unexpected ways. I would love to have a pillow made from a grain sack. Ive seen them before and they are so cute.

  8. Their beautiful! I have had a love for french things for a while now and your blog just makes me happy! To bad I don't live in France I would love to visit your shop!

  9. This look is very popular in the U.S. and I love it!

  10. They are beautiful! I just love grain sacks of any kind, color, or fabric! Love this post!

  11. Woohoo...what a fabulous French find! You lucky thing. I have only found one over here that I loved. It wasn't French but the graphics were oh so wonderful and it did have French spelling on it. SOLD....

  12. I'm so jealous! I would absolutely love to have a real vintage French grain sack!

    :) T

  13. You have now ventured into my 'must have' zone !!!!
    I love the vintage grain sack cushions, especially the ones from 'Three Fine Grains' but they are VERY expensive.
    Lucky you, finding that's going to look wonderful when you frame it and hang it in your shop. XXXX

  14. Hi Leeann,

    Glad that you found an old grain sack!... and it will look great in a frame.
    The tea towels are lovely and I look forward to seeing them.


  15. Oh dearie if I find some then they are for you!! I used my last really nice one to cover an antique piano stool that did up and sold to a lovely German woman who had an amazing white Steinway piano... and a fabulous house!! Let me rummage again ...

  16. WOW!!!!! They are amazing! sadly no chance to find one here!!! enjoy yours!
    take care,

  17. Leeann,
    You have stirred the pot! That one you bought is a wonderful representation of those grain sacks. Whether they are burlap or linen, they all tell a story. In this country they have always been desirable but with American feed companies featured on them. The genre has changed with the trend of seeing them on upholstery and with crowns and French writing on them....To us it makes them sexier...

  18. Lovely! I love vintage grain sacks! Beautiful blog- and two of my favourite destinations- France and Australia!

    Zuniga Interiors

  19. Cant wait until you get the ones in your store to sell...
    Ness xx

  20. OOOh,i love those sacks!!!And they are getting very very hard to find! I just made some cushions out of the last stash of my french poste sacks i had,i have piccies on this weeks blog! I will definately have to buy those tea towels when you have them for sale!!

    You always have such beautiful things!!

    Have a great weekend!

    Lesley : )

  21. Lucky girl you are to have found such a wonderful sack. Can't wait to see it all framed up. I am excited to meet Kymberley in person on Saturday at an antique show ~Remnants of the Past~ in central California. This grain sack trend is going strong over here. Love your tea towels, too.


  22. so jealous! So glad to have found your blog! :)

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  24. If by any chance you happen to run across another grain bag of Fournier-Bastide, I'd like to buy it. I live in America and so far all we have are reproductions. My father's last name is Fournier, so I'd like to find one for him. Thank You! You can email me at, if there is any chance you can find an original, no matter the shape it's in. He'd enjoy it as long as he could see the names. Thank you, Marnie


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