Sweet and pink....

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I have never really had a sweet tooth but living in France has changed this, as I am surrounded in fabulous cakes which taste as good as they look.

My latest French extravagance is
Fossier’s pink biscuits de Reims.

These delicate pink biscuits are apparently intended for dunking in champagne. Here’s Fossier’s own description of their novel creation:

Pink for the sweetness, powdered for the nobility, crunchy for the pleasure, the characteristics of seduction of the pink biscuit are carefully preserved by the confectioners of FOSSIER. Since the origin of Maison Fossier in 1756, the secret of the recipe has been jealously kept.

The recipe is simple but delicate to make: made of fresh eggs, sugar and flour, vanilla-flavoured, slightly tinted with cochineal (a natural colouring) and powered with icing sugar, the dough is baked twice successively, which gives the biscuit (baked twice) the particularity of not being flaked of when it is soaked in. The quality granted to this unique and genuine biscuit has inspired the fine tradition of dunking it in a glass of red wine from the vineyard of the Champagne region or in a flute of champagne. Moreover, this quality is at the origin of its use in the charlottes and other cakes. The inventive housewives and chefs are crazy about it. J'adore cette biscuits.

Wishing you all a very happy and sweet Pink Saturday

L xx


  1. Anything that you can drink with champagne is fine by me !!!!.....they look and sound delicious.
    Have a great and scary weekend. XXXX

  2. I'll bring the pink champagne if you'll bring those biscuits... Yum!
    Hope your weekend is a little more restful than the last one ;-)
    Love, Budgie

  3. Thank you for following my very new and so far unheard of blog!
    You have a lovely blog....your shop looks gorgeous...and I also love all things french!

    Danielle from Ragtales

  4. Bonjour! You are so lucky not having a sweet tooth (except in France). This is a perfect treat - pink and delicious!

  5. All of a sudden I have the desire for something sweet!

  6. Pink, delicate, delectable and champagne? could there be a more perfect combo?!

  7. Oh yummy!!
    When I first saw the image I thought they were pink Tim Tam's!!!

    Only to look closer and see how soft and velvety they looked ... and I'm sure taste a lot better also!
    Have a great pink weekend.

  8. Oh you had me at 'pink'.... fabulous! A-M xx

  9. I am a lover of bichons and of pink! A match made in heaven! Ran across your blog while doing a search on bichons! You have a lovely blog and I wish I could visit your shop ... looks terrific! I'm going to be a new follower!! Happy Pink!

  10. It sounds really good! I have to look around a little bit more on your lovely blog...I wish you a nice weekend Hugs from me and Sweden C

  11. Happy pink Saturday. Yes, France can certainly can bring out your sweet tooth.

  12. oo la la! what a perfect pink Saturday! I just found your blog and it seems there are MANY beautiful pink Saturdays I need to get caught up on!
    Hugs and have a great weekend, cherie!
    Betty :)

  13. Beautiful!
    Happy Halloween to you

  14. The pastries of Europe are so incredibly beautiful, just like a fine piece of art, so lovely to look at AND to eat, Happy Pink Saturday, Char

  15. Those look so lovely - almost too good to eat! But I sure wouldn't turn any down! Happy Pink Saturday!

  16. I have the champange..now I need those beautiful, lucious looking biscuits. Yummmm...
    Happy Pink Saturday and have a lovely weekend.

  17. I love your photo. The image looks so luxurious! Have a wonderful Pink Saturday.

  18. Oh my ~ it sounds amazing!


  19. Sounds incredibly divine! Happy Pink Saturday!

  20. when i'm in Paris all i eat are sweets! i think i went to laduree daily!
    what a lovely post.


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