Is your house drafty?

If so, you need one of these fabulous draft stoppers.

They have just arrived and we have 4 in stock. They are carefully crafted in Provence, SW France by the very fabulous Sylvie.

Casually elegant khaki/creamy white stripe -- each beautifully made and hand-cross-stitched. All draft-stoppers say Ma Maison ( My House in French).

Each beautifully cross-stitched letter in the words "Ma Maison" on each draft-stopper takes Sylvie one hour to do...that's eight straight hours of cross-stitching to create each of the "Ma Maison" panels on each draftstopper.

These are truly a work of art from the heart.

If you are lucky enough not to have a drafty door, they also look fabulous on a couch or bench!!

Each one measures 3 feet long - the perfect size for most any door. Poly-stuffed; no zipper.

For further details please see the fabulously french online store or email me. Note postage cost to USA, Australia and UK is included in the price.

** We currently have only the taupe draft stoppers left with a choice of the red elaborate stitching or the taupe fabric with the grey/blue block type stitching. Please specify which you prefer when ordering or alternatively email me with your requirements and Sylvie will custom make one for you.

Tomorrow we are off on our adventure to Perpignan, as we are picking up the antique furniture that I purchased last week. Will take the camera with me.....

A vendredi,
L x


  1. Wow, Sylvie does beautiful work. Your blog is always full of wonderful things.

  2. Wow, those are wonderful! I may have to try to make one for myself. I live in a house built in the 1940's and it's very drafty. Thanks for the inspiration. I'm sure they'll sell quickly.

  3. I have two draft stoppers but they are not as pretty as these. I must say they really do work... You always have such wonderful treasures on your beautiful blog!

  4. Living in an old house as I do...these stoppers are really useful...and now they are stylish too! Great item!
    Take care, Laura

  5. Leeann, those are wonderful! Sylvie does such an amazing job. What a great item.

    xo, Michelle

  6. The most beautiful draft stoppers I have ever seen, Leeann!

  7. They are so very french. I love them.

  8. Yes I could do with some draft stoppers as most of my house has no doors & the 2nd hand man is coming to take away the windows...lucky for me its summertime...

    they are beautiful...
    Cate :)

  9. Leeann these are quite the most stylish 'Sausage Dogs' I've ever seen! What a fab find!
    Millie ^_^

  10. Isn't is great when things are pretty and functional at the same time?????Love them.


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