I love elephants breath

I really do adore Farrow and Ball paints, not only are the colours gorgeous but I love the way the colour changes depending on the light.

In the room that is going to be my showroom/wee shop I have used elephants breath on 1/2 the walls and it certainly has made a big difference to the room. I will post some photos next week as the room is currently full of furniture which I am painting and will be using to display items on.

{Farrow & Ball "Elephants Breath"}

Speaking of painting I had better get back to it.

A demain,
L x


  1. Curious title!, but the colour is very pretty! calm and relaxed. it will look great!
    Take care,

  2. I LOVE F&B paints too. I painted my whole city house in F&B. This paint is definitely special and I have never been disappointed with any of the colours.

  3. I look forward to seeing how it looks in your room.

  4. I had to come and see what "elephants breath" was...too funny! I love that color too! I have been torn between several shades of gray myself as we begin to choose colors for my new kitchen/dining rooms. I will have to go check this out...What is it about gray anyway? I have been drawn to it since I was young...always black, gray or white pulled from my closet. I have gotten to where I don;t even bother buying anything else.
    Leeann...I can't wait to see the store/showroom!
    (I have been checking into a trip and even went over to the site of places to stay that you post. Are they yours?

  5. love that name :) very original ..; and I like this color even more ... actually it's very close to me bedroom color ...

  6. Love it - can't wait for photos

  7. i'd choose it just for the name !

  8. I paint a lot in that colour too! The best part of the Farrow and Ball colours is that they are made with real high quality pigment and not just tints so the colour is better and longer lasting, as well as reflecting the light so beautifully! They even have that new 'organic' range out! I'm dying to see your shop too and congratulate you on all the hard work!

  9. Love the whole range of F and B paints although MR SE always used to complain that it took 3 coats for the wall to look really finished (but even he ADORED the final look) - the paint range is second to none... Also love Old White and Lime White and also Clunch - wonderful colours - can't wait to see the room completed.

  10. wonderful color, though one does not like to think about their actual breath..ahem

  11. Thanks for all the great ideas. I've been narrowing down to elephant's breath on my chips and off to the paint store. Trish (Trouvais)

  12. I love this color too, my French friend calls it "mouse's ear", its beautiful, soft, atmospheric...yum




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