A taste of things to come..

{Photo - Kees Teesberg}

It is my favourite time of the year in SW France. The days are still sunny and warm but there is a lovely nip in the air early morning.

It is a busy time of the year as it is grape harvesting time. We have had a fabulous summer and as a result it is forecast to be a good year wine wise.

This area is famous for its wine; reds from Bordeaux and St Emilion, rose from Bergerac, sweet white from Monbazillac and a favourite of mine - sauvignon from Duras.

The savignon is amongst some of the best that I have tasted and I would go as far as saying that it is as good as the kiwi and aussie sauvignon. I think that I had better stop before I get my self in trouble.

Last night we had a fabulous picnic amongst the vines and enjoyed a fabulous bottle of Duras sauvignon which simply oozed gooseberry and elderflower crispness, overlooking the Duras countryside, you cannot get much more local than that!

As you know from my earlier post, I have promised to share some more of Kees's fabulous photos with you so tomorrow I am going to showcase a series of photos that Kees has taken of Monbaziallac through the seasons.

Bon lundi et a demain,

L x


  1. An evening picnic, in a vineyard, in France - my idea of heaven! Leigh

  2. It is only 11.00 a.m. here in the U.K. but you have got my wine taste buds jumping ....I will curb the urge and wait until this evening to have a glass!! Can't wait to see Kee's beautiful photographs. XXXX

  3. Excellent blog. Very good photography.

  4. Looking forward to more of Kees Work, the grapes look just like they are about to burst. This is my faborite time of year in France. We stayed in Provence near Carpentras and remember all the camions loaded with grapes. YUM!

  5. You make my mouth water by telling about your last night picnic!
    I'm looking forward to the photos of Kees!


  6. The picking is just about over here but the olives will start in a couple of months...love this time of year, xv.

  7. Hi Leeann,

    That would be the perfect evening, a picnic amongst the grape vines, how lovely.


  8. I think it's time for glass for me too! I'll be dreaming I'm in France as I sip away.


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