One of my favourite shops

One of my favourite shops in France is maisons du monde which translates to "houses of the world" as they sell items for the house from all over the world.

I adore this shop as it caters for all styles and tastes.If you are in the mood for something french, there is of course lots of beautiful objects to choose from and the prices are very reasonable.

I adore the new Bohème Thaï collection, the colours are gorgeous.

And the british collection is fabulous if you feel like something exotic, this is France after all....

For lovely images, visit the Maisons du Monde website.

A demain mes amis,
L x
{all images from Maisons du Monde}


  1. I just got started on my day...I was thrilled to see you had stopped by. I Love this store! Everything looks so chic! My favorite is the greys ans whites. I hope you have a wonderful week!

  2. I know this shop and I like it! When are you going to open your own one??
    Happy Monday!

  3. Yeaahhhh...hooray for the British one ...we are not quite French Chic but we are funky and cool !!!!.Love all of it, as it is so diverse. XXXX

  4. geesh there's some beautiful fabrics here!

  5. My favourite is the British collection or the Bohème Thaï

  6. Fabulous....those Boheme Thai cushions look great!

  7. Oh yes a nice store! My favourite is the white and gray image!

  8. Looks like the kind of store I could get "lost" in for hours...just lovely!!!

    :) T

  9. I stumbled into their Paris shop on my last holiday there and absolutely loved it.

  10. I love the first photo with the L O V E pillows! I need those! Hugs, Cindy S.

  11. Fabulous. My boys would love the cushions in the last image... very rock and roll! A-M xx

  12. Hi Leeann,

    I love the second white image and the colours of the Boheme Thai cushions.



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