Let them eat cake

Since Friday, I have not been feeling myself as I have been a little poorly. I had something in one of my eyes which made it very sore and very red - not in the least bit fabulous. There was a french part though as I have had to make two trips to see my very french doctor who thinks that it is just an excuse to improve my french vocabulary.

I am pleased to report that my eye is improving slowly but this is normal as the doctor told me when I went back for the 2nd time. Like all things it France it happens slowly :-)

Hence when I saw this photo for the new Chanel makeup collection Venise which is inspired by Coco Chanel’s love of Venice - the make up palette “reflects a city that has many faces”; I thought perfect!

This is what I need for my poorly eye which incidentally has seen little in terms of eye makeup so the sunglasses have been on when ever I venture outside the front door.

Fabulous and of course, french!

Bon lundi et a demain,

L x


  1. I love your story of today! Yes typical french!


  2. Hi Leeann

    Thanks for your message. I know I will really miss the culture of Europe, it has such a strong pull. I would like to see if I can hop back and forth between NZ and U.K, so hopefully I will get the best of both worlds. It might not work, but I'm willing or crazy enough to give it a try!

    Hope you feel better soon

    Best wishes

  3. Dear L
    Hope you feel beter very soon!
    Let Mr. FF takes care of you like a princess(smile)

    Take care.
    Julie xx

  4. I do hope your eye heals soon! i had laser surgery 2 years ago, but also many infections from contact lenses prior to that, so i can sympathise with the no makeup horror!

    what a great photo!

  5. Hi Leeann,

    Sorry to hear about your eye and I hope that you feel better soon.
    That is lovely Chanel makeup.

    Enjoy your week

  6. Hope your eye is better soon. French doctor and all. Great image.

  7. Bonsoir,
    I hope that your eye feels better soon!
    Isabelle x

  8. I hope your eye is gettting better! I love Chanel make up...it's my favourite!

  9. Now that's what I call a glamorous eye patch! Hope you are all better soon. A-M xx

  10. Sorry you're not well - hope your eye is on the mend and you're soon back to your usual beautiful self, sans sunglasses! Leigh

  11. I once got the tiniest speck of dust or something in my eye...you would not believe how much it swelled up (kept rubbing it). When I finally went to the Dr...first thing he did was laugh. Hmm. Hope you're better by now. Trish


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