Hooked on........

{kiwi girl alias moi in a fabulous 2CV}

....................those adorable little french cars called 2CV's.

I love them and there is something about them that makes me smile everytime that I see one.

{a very happy kiwi girl in a 2CV}

One of our friends recently bought one from an art dealer and it has been lovingly looked after.

He is currently single but ever since he bought the car there has been many a girl young and old that wants to go for a ride.

I call her Dolly and she reminds of a black and white allsort sweet..........

{Dolly et moi}

You can probably guess what I want from Pere Noel this year.....not sure if it will fit in my stocking :-)
Hence you now know what I am hooked on, please visit hooked on houses to read about everyone else's addictions this week.

Bon weekend,

L x


  1. I love these cars too and I'm not sure why, but when ever I'm in France and I see one I have to take a photograph of it...sounds silly, but there you have it. These are as French to me as 'vegemite' is to Australia.


  2. Lovely those 2CH cars! I have to say that since a few years I notice them in Belgium as well!
    They are as reborn!


  3. Love "old" cars!! one of my dreams is to have an alpha romeu spider from the 60s! sadly my husband already told me no, ohhhhh!!! maybe i'll convince him one of this days - maybe with a great dinner and a marvellous wine!!!! a girl got to use her weapons!!! love that car also! lucky girl!! the other day they were sellin around here one of those but painted soft pink - so lady like!!!
    Have a sweet weekend,

  4. I just adore 2CV's....my friend had one for years and to change gear is very odd !!!!
    I hope that Father Christmas will be kind. Have you been a good girl this year ? XXXX

  5. They're such gorgeous cars - more like a pet than a means of transport! Leigh

  6. What a charming way to get around, I would love to have one!

  7. Leeann, you are torturing yourself, you need to go get one of those cars. I just love them.....It reminds me of a 1971 Bug ragtop I had,her name was Clementine as she was orange.....

  8. I can see why you are hooked! Great looking car, particularly on black and white!


  9. It reminds me of a white Morris Minor my parents had.

  10. Dolly is ADORABLE... ooooh and so are YOU!!! GREAT photos!
    Bon week-end!

  11. You and Dolly make a very stylish pair. Hope you get your very own car like this one day.

  12. So very cute, the two of you together! What fun to zip around the countryside in Dolly!

  13. What a wonderful blog you've got here! Adore it. Even the background is incredibly sweet and beautiful.

  14. When I think of France, I think of those gorgeous cars. I hear Santa has lots of stock this year! A-M xx

  15. I have never seen one before...I would like one now too please:-)

  16. Ooh la la!
    You look ever so French Mademoiselle Leeann.
    I also adore 2 CV's and at one stage my husband was going to buy me one.
    We had a friend that brought a very old one back from France, but it always needed lots of running repairs.
    I love the two tone version, and Dolly, is the name of them.

    Happy weekend

    Thanks for visiting me and your kind words.

  17. Why, oh why, don't we have cars like this in the states?!

  18. They're such gorgeous cars - more like a pet than a means of transport!
    How to make a website

  19. Aren't they the sweetest? Have a wonderful weekend, xv.

  20. I can just see you beetling along a windy country road in France, with all your wonderful flea market finds poking out from the windows of this little car Leeann! I'm sure come Christmas Day you may be in for a lovely surprise.
    Millie ^_^

  21. I can see your attraction to this little guy! I have owned vw-beetles forever! (the closest we can get too this little cutie here in the states)I would have one of these if I could. It's so unique...Have a wonderful weekend...dj

  22. I've been reading you for months and months and love, love, love your blog. I don't know what it is about Australians, but you just seem to "get it" -- I'm talking about France, life here, the culture -- better than any of the rest of us.

    Your blog is really a masterpiece and I can't stay away from it. I'm sorry I haven't said so before, but if you have a "Sitemaster" or an equivalent you'll know I've been lurking.

    Yesterday I passed a Deux Chevaux -- because as you know, although they maybe one of the cutest cars on the road, they're definitely not one of the fastest -- and I thought "how sweet." I've never ridden in one, but my husband tells me they are one of the most comfortable cars ever built.

    In closing, thank you for your blog.

    Best regards,


  23. Oh, I'm with you - those are fabulous cars - you're so lucky to be where you are playing in that adorable car.

  24. i love 2cvs too- and minis and old Fiat 500s- any of those cheeky looking cars- the 2cv is particularly french though, i wouldn't like to meet a cross french man coming the other way in one of those- it might well fall over


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