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{Photo Kees Terberg - isn't it fabulous?}

I have missed participating in "hooked on" Friday's but Friday always seems to be a busy day for me and by the time I remember, it is too late to join in the fun.

I am hooked on Cannelés de Bordeaux. The more I eat of these fabulous cakes, the more I want! I have been known to devour at least 10 of these delicious morsels in one sitting. There is something about them that makes them special and oh so delicious.

Much has been written about the origin of this specialty of Bordeaux.........
Legend has it that the sisters of the Annonciade created the cannelé (meaning "fluted") in the 16th century; their convent was located close to the St. André hospital in Bordeaux. The nuns would collect the flour from the holds of the ships (Bordeaux was a flourishing port at the time) and prepare these little cakes for the city's most underprivileged.

But the truth is certainly otherwise: the cannelé is a relative of the canole, a little cake from the Limousin, which appeared in Bordeaux during the 17th century. They were consumed in such quantities that a canole makers' guild existed with the exclusive right to make this pastry.

Then the cannelé was forgotten until it reappeared in the early 20th century, flavored with rum and vanilla, and baked in copper molds (to promote caramelization) that produced twelve fluted cakes at a time.

The cannelé has a caramelized exterior with a soft tender center. Its appetizing dark brown color and its thin caramelized crust are the result of a long baking time....yum!

You may just have to come and visit us in SW France so that you can see what the fuss is about as I am not sure that they will post too well...

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Bon vendredi

L x


  1. Reading that post just made me very hungry. I think I'm going to have to run out the my local pastry shop on the corner and treat myself to some afternoon tea!

  2. Hello L

    Lovely little cake look so delicious. I haven't had lunch yet(sigh~) I will remember "Cannelés de Bordeaux".
    Bon weekend(smile)

    Julie xx

  3. These little cakes look so delicious - I would love to try one (or two or three...). Makes me want to come to France even more. Lee :)

  4. They sound so delicious!!

    Happy Friday!

  5. What an interesting post. Although lived in France for many years, I do not recall having eaten any. Your description of it sounds like a cake I would really like. The background history is very interesting, I like background info on things.
    Have a great weekend
    Isabelle x

  6. By seeing that image, I go off my office desk and run to my kitchen for a cup of coffee with...oh some other cake!

    Have a nice weekend,


  7. That looks so amazing - what a wonderful thing to get hooked on!

    That said, I am heading off for breakfast!
    Bon weekend!

  8. So cruel-I want them now. Bon weekend!

  9. They used to sell them frozen ( not as good I am sure, but certainly more doable than a trip to Bordeaux right now) at Trader Joe's Markets. Lately I haven't been able to find them and I was hooked on them too!

  10. Janet beat me to it! I have bought these at Trader Joe's and they aren't Nun worthy, but they aren't too bad.

  11. I have been to France many times but have never had these delicious looking cakes......your description was so well written and I really enjoyed reading about the history of these interesting little cakes.
    On my next visit to France , I will try and find some Canneles de Bordeaux.On my post today, I said that I wasn't a cake lover, but these really appeal to me. XXXX

  12. Bordeaux Bakery here in Wellington make these delicious little cakes, and yes, I agree, they are magnificent. Might just have to pop down this morning and have one or two.

  13. Oh, what torture to read this post and your wonderful description of these cakes, and not be able to eat one! Something to look forward to when I next visit France.


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