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Fabulous shoes

{Image from here}

My new shoes arrived today, I adore them as they look fabulous with jeans and are oh so fun!

They are made from ponyskin and suede. I was originally going to order a plain black plair as mine are a little worn and thought that I should replace them.
I then received a french sole newsletter in my inbox - as if by magic and saw all the new styles and thought that these would be fab for my autumn/winter wardrobe.

The company that makes them is called French Sole, they have been making this style of shoe for the last 20 years. Je adore ca and am already planning on buying another pair, the problem is that there are hundreds of fabulous colours and styles to choose from.

But first I need to find a fabulous handbag to go with them so if anyone knows of a fabulous bag please let me know.

Signed a very happy L x


  1. I love your shoes and think that I must go and check out French Sole. I'm sure that there's a handbag out there to match, just waiting to come home with you !!!! XXXX

  2. Those are fabulous shoes, Leeann.p.s. Is French Sole a bit like Pretty Ballerinas?

  3. These are adorable! I'm definitely going to check out the site. I've always been a huge fan of Lancel - can't wait to go to France and buy one! I found one at a TJ Maxx six years ago, and it has lasted me so long.

  4. Love these shoes and yours look wonderful Leeann. Although they are called 'French' Sole - they are in fact I think , English and their shop in London off Sloane Street is great (although tiny and always very crowded).... I have several pairs and so does my DDD (dearest, darling, daughter!). Their different styles of ballet flats suit all ages and the wonderfully stylish late Princess Diana I believe was also a fan...

  5. And Leeann if you wanted to really push the boat out with a bag to 'go with' I have a suggestion to try - Emma Hope... expensive but soooo worth it! She has a fabulous leopard bag - - click on 'Bags' and you will see the one I mean I am sure!

  6. !! Sorry ... that website is actually

  7. I Adore Those Shoes- I wear leopard and red so often- I mix it with my Burberry plaid bag but I do not follow many fashion rules...

  8. I agree, fabulous is the only way to describe those shoes!

  9. These are darling-this does look like the French version of Pretty Ballerinas.

  10. I love French Sole when I am in England and London Sole (their sister company in America) when I am in Los Angeles... Their shoes are so fabulous and divine!

  11. Always seeing examples of French Sole shoes in magazines, love them, and wish someone would bring them into NZ.

  12. Fabulously-

    I love your shoes. You'll have so much fun wearing them.
    The great thing about French Soles is that all designs (they have new ones all the time) are a limited production.
    I have a black suede pair with a bronze/silver toe cap, and a woven black leather pair of ballerinas, and a pair with zebra print ponyskin with a green velvet trim.
    I love your blog--and have added it to my FAVORITES in my blog roll--would love to in your favorites--as you will see if you check THE STYLE SALONISTE I write often (very) about France, Paris, French designers, Paris flea markets, Picasso's chateau and all things French.

  13. ...Fabulously...

    Oh, by the way, I grew up in the Canterbury countryside outside Christchurch and after much travel, now live in California.
    Where did you live in New Zealand?
    Happy days,

  14. Love your new shoes! Lucky girl.

  15. I love the shoes, I say get the black pair too!!!!!!

  16. Hi Leeann,

    I love your new shoes and they will be so comfortable.
    Good luck with finding a handbag too.


  17. Bonjour! I am so glad you stopped by my blog to visit. I LOVE your blog. I am a big fan of Country French decorating and all things French. I am actually spending 3 weeks in France this spring.

    Now about those shoes - they are fabulous!!

  18. I love ballet flats! I have never ordered from French Sole, but may have to now. I have always wanted a pair of Chanel flats, two-tone. Love your layout!

  19. I've always loved French Soles. These are fabulous and make a double "fashion statement" this fall. They're fab-u-lous.

  20. french sole is great isn't it, like a grown up sweet shop with all those colours!

  21. What a gorgeous blog you have! I love the new shoes with that pop of red.

    Have a wonderful day!


  22. Feeling intense pangs of envy - really FAB shoes!
    merci for the link - at least I can get the newsletter and admire...

  23. The perfect shoe for a busy girl Leeann! I think these would look great with jeans. Wish they were available here in Oz.
    Millie ^_^

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  26. Знаете , порой складывается впечатление , что ты приходишь не в поликлинику, а в магазин за колбасой ,такие же недовольные рожи в белоснежных халатах.



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