Today I am loving......

Photo: Petit Coterie

............these burlap cushions. Aren't they fabulous? I love them and I am now wondering where I could use them.

And to think that I found them due to the fact that the maker, Michelle, left a lovely comment on my blog.Michelle's blog is called petit coterie and the cushions are available to purchase on etsy.

I have started work on the interior design for apartment 3, so I am currently collating pictures and ideas at present.

I love the lettering on this one........but love the first three the best.

I had better go as I have a meeting with the mayor and I need to get off this blog!

a demain et bon lundi

L x


  1. Gorgeous cushions - I just know you'll find somewhere perfect for these little treasures! Leigh

  2. I do believe I am in LOVE! - gorgeous. Happy Monday x Suzi

  3. Oh I LOVE THEM TO DEATH. Just gorgeous! A-M xx

  4. Congratulations! The cushions you bought are simply faboulous!
    Happy new week!

  5. Burlap has come a long way ! I have seen so many posts on burlap done beautifully that I am converted.. These pillows are lovely.


  6. Who knew burlap could be so pretty! I want one

  7. Burlap might just be the new Beautiful?!?! Who would have thought...

  8. BonJour !

    I totally agree ! They're just lovely :-)

    Nice blog too !!

    Best wishes, Anneli in Sweden

  9. Such lovely designs - I am drawn to old text too. Must check out her shop - thanks for the link!

  10. Thank you so much for sharing my burlap pillows with your readers. I have received several lovely emails today from them. I will add your lovely blog to my blog roll and please do stop by again.

    Merci Beaucoup, Michelle

  11. They are all beautiful and I am sure that you will find a lovely little place to put them.

    Good luck with your visit with the Mayor.
    I love watching TV shows, where people doing up houses in France and they need to ask for the planning permission from the mayor.

    enjoy your week

  12. I love Etsy-the things you can find on it are so wonderful. I love just playing around and seeing what I come up with. These are beautiful.

  13. I love Etsy too. I used to sell jewellery there before. These pillows are just fabulous, gotta check out Michelles shop.

  14. Lovely, lovely pillows that Michelle creates. Thanks for the intro!

  15. I was actually thinking of upholstering my sofa in burlap, but those cushions are a more practical solution. I also believe the walls of Chanel's offices in NY in the 50's -60's were done in burlap. Great blog

  16. At the age of 67 and the oldest of 10, my mother is living by herself for the first time EVER. It was a fearfully huge step and she is loving it. My sister and I are helping her create a bedroom where she can find peace and rest. Her headboard is black and white damask, flax matlasse duvet and burlap fringed bedskirt. These would bless her so and be the perfect "icing on her cake". Thank you for your consideration as I know many would love such a thing. Denise

  17. I absolutely love your blog and everything French too! Have just become a follower of you and hope you will follow my blog too?


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