More burlap...

I have some chairs similar to this at Maison de Poitiers in the dining room and bought a couple of spares just incase one broke.

After seeing this photo, I am tempted to cover a couple in burlap. Trouble is that I have never recovered anything before in my life, so may need a hand. Any volunteers?

Bon mardi,

L x

ps there is still time to enter the giveaway for the burlap cushion, details here.


  1. They are brilliant! By all means cover your spares! I think all you need really is a staple gun and get abook from the library

  2. Those chairs are beautiful and should be easy to recover. You must make sure to Stretch tightly across first. Top, bottom, side, to side and stretch as you go making it tight. I have never used burlap but am going to give it a try myself. Use whatever is on the chair for your pattern and you will be surprised at how simple that will be. Sew your cording using a zipper foot to get it close and cut on a on a bias... it means at an angle. Good luck.

  3. I am not sure but burlap has such a loose weave I would sew it to some underlining first. I also want to try a chair. If it doesn't work, rip it off and start over. Good luck, post some pix of your project. Sandi

  4. You know me, I am the queen of burlap and I say give it a go. The best way to cover is to add a staple to the back and front of the cushion, this will secure it evenly, then continue to staple around. This will keep the fabric from stretching so much. It is best to use a heavy weight burlap. Good Luck! And do let us see the end results.

    xo, Michelle

  5. Lovely-love the interplay of the Louis chairs with the burlap.

  6. I love them! Cover the spares, definitely! So, so, so beautiful.
    xo Isa

  7. I'm not an upholsterer but get them done 'cos it looks stunning.... I'm so into this look at the moment.XXXX

  8. Can't wait to see how these chairs turn out, please do show us your step-by-step. I have some chairs that I picked up for free at a house that I was selling for my client, and they were throwing everything away. I came home with a carload of stuff
    Good luck~Cheryl

  9. Jayson Home and Garden also has a similar chair under their "Flea" section. I have a settee I'd love to tack burlap to without having to completely reupholster. Would love to know how your chairs come out.

  10. Hi Leeann,

    Lovely chair.
    It should be easy to recover a chair.
    I have redone some kitchen chairs a few times.
    Just take a pattern from the old fabric and then use a staple gun to attach the fabric to the chair.
    As burlap is such a loose weave I would back it with some beige cotton so that it will wear and look better. Good luck.

    enjoy your week

  11. That chair is faboulous!

  12. Just lovely. Do it! A-M xx

  13. You have a great blog. I have been looking at it for a while and I really like what you publish.
    I dare to open my own blog with just pictures of my house at first, and I love everything "brocante", old. If I manage to speak english better I would help you to restore that chair...I have done it for many years and most of the furnirue and couches you´ll see in my blog, I did it or ask another one to do it. I live in the Los Andes mountains in Chile.
    María Cecilia

  14. What a gorgeous combination - I'm sure you'd have no problem mastering the art of simple upholstery! Can't wait to see the result. Leigh

  15. I never get tierd of of looking at that chair from CL. I do love burlap, but it is a little messy to work with. Can't wait to see how your chairs turn out!!

    :) T

  16. Hello L
    Long time no see.
    Oh. I can help you with the uphostery..just wish you were close to me..(smile)

    Julie xx


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