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Fabulous burlap GIVEAWAY

Hope that you all had a wonderful weekend. After 3 weeks of sunshine we had a rainy day on Sunday, which was nice as it has freshened it up a bit here.

Today as promised, I am offering one lucky reader, a fabulous burlap pillow courtesy of the lovely and very kind Michelle, owner of the gorgeous and almost french online store, petit coterie.

Prize courtesy Petit Coterie

All you have to do, is leave me a comment, stating why you deserve to win and I will announce a winner on Thursday morning.

Also a little good news for those of you in Australia, Michelle's pillows will be stocked by simple things small joys a new Australian shop which is opening soon in Highfields, Queensland.

Bonne chance

L x


  1. I deserve it cz I'm the first one to comment.. ( Am I? ) .. if not , then I deserve it cz I already did a post on burlap before and I absolutly adore it and I should get my hands on some burlap now PLEASE :)

    lovley post!

  2. My post seemed to have fallen into the black hole of web cyberspace. I thought I was first to post; but it has not appear! So I'm trying again (because I LOVE her fabulous pillows!)

    I would love to win! I would also like to bid all good luck!

    Thank you for holding such a fabulous giveaway!


  3. Good luck to everyone! I don't enter contests often but I just love these pillows. I would be so happy to win one and I think I love it more than anyone else. Thank you for the giveway and for such a great blog !!


  4. What a wonderful giveaway! This beautiful pillow would look lovely in my newly decorated Shabby Chic Garden Room.

    Don't forget to "Look in the Nook"

  5. I 'DON'T' deserve to win one of these fantastic cushions any more than any one else....But I would treasure it sooo very much!!
    Thank you Leeann for the change in the competition and thanks to Mchelle for making such a wonderful prize!!

    Kindest Regards, Linda

  6. oh, everyone deserves to win, but there can only be one, so good luck to everyone, and thanks for being so generous, come visit me sometime.

  7. What a lovely and generous givewaway. If my name is not selected, I'll just have to bite the bullet (like that's hard!) and order some!!! Beautiful blog.

  8. Beautiful pillows! -And a absolutely beautiful blog!

    Have a nice week!

    Ann, Glassveranda.

  9. I am hopelessly in LOVE with BURLAP. These pillows are wonderful, and I would dance a burlap dance if I won one. Dance the night away in burlap

  10. These are so beautiful! How fortunate any of us will be to win one!

    Hmm, I feel so fortunate and don't know if I deserve anything else, but I would love to add a bit more beauty to this little place I jokingly call our love "shack". We've been in an ongoing remodel for years as our budget allows. We have lived with a gutted bathroom and subflooring throughout most of the house for about three or so years, and our to-do list seems to get bigger by the day. Sometimes I think I have no right have a blog centered around decorating and pretty things {I mean, really! If you could see how we live!} but I try to remember that little by little, we'll get there - and to not let anything get me down but to go on doing what I love: Creating and dreaming big. My focus for the last few months has been working on my studio so that I can have a place to escape. If I won this pillow, it would go in my new studio space. It would look GREAT in there! Here's a link to my color theme and style:

    Anyway, I'm truly blessed with a wonderful family and a roof over my head, but this pillow would certainly add a lovely touch to our cottage in the making!

  11. I would LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to win a burlap pillow because I love anything burlap! It reminds me of being a little girl and visiting my grandparents farm! PLEASE PICK ME!!! I am a 1st grade teacher and school bells are ringing. A burlap pillow would make me feel better! :)

  12. very lovely pillows! I love the French sayings on them, my dad was French Canadian and he passed away this past February-I'm decorating a room in my home combining my husband's Central American heritage with my French Canadian heritage and this would make a wonderful addition! Thanks for the chance!

    micaela6955 at msn dot com

  13. i love love love anything French, buuuuuut i don't have any cushions that are French and i adore these ones, so thats why i should win!!!!
    thankyou for your beautiful blog

  14. These would look perfect in my sitting room! Just found your site and love what I see.

  15. I'm sure there are others who 'deserve' a pillow much more than i do, but it would certainly be fun to have that as my first one in the love for burlap that has started with me lately.

    blessings to all,
    and congratulations to whoever wins.

    barbara Jean

  16. Don't know if I deserve to win anything as everything is just a gift from above! But I would love to win even though I don't deserve to!!


  17. I would love to win this burlap pillow because burlap is so very hot right now and I don't own a thing in burlap...yet!

  18. AWSOME I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to win this giveaway because I am redoing my room and these would look FABULOUS in it!!!! I love french decor too!!! Burlap is sooo chic!!! And I LOVE chic!!! I am desperate for an AWSOME free goody!!!! And it would be my first giveaway!!! Please pick me!!! But I wish luck to everybody!!! Thanks for the AWSOME chance to win!!!

    Love, Madison

  19. I deserve to win one of these beautiful pillows because I asked my husband to trim my hair an inch, and I now look exactly like Moe from The Three Stooges. Does it have a removable case that I can wear on my head?
    The pillows are lovely!

  20. So creative. Would love to have these pillows. They would look great in my home. Thanks Julie

  21. I deserve to win because believe it or not I only have one pillow. Yep you read that right. It's a small Family Guy pillow and to tell you the truth, I've no idea where it's at...

  22. Oh, count me in. I think I deserve to win because I don't have many decorative pillows and my rooms are very empty and blue without them, and I have been thinking lately that my favorite elemets are French country and my house needs a little more of that style...

    xo Terri

  23. Oh, j'adore le fabulously French pillow. It would be so perfect in my little Rose Cottage far, far far away from France. It would help me have sweet dreams of all things beautiful and French. Who knows...I may start dreaming in French all over again.

    Hoping my dreams come true!
    Debbykay at Rose Cottage Gardens and Farm

  24. i deserve to win because i am an a very frugal budget so i can go to Paris for my 25th wedding anniversary early next year. We have spent our married life being careful with money.....but this is our tightest so we can enjoy the had results of 25 ur blog(great name!)

  25. A pillow like that would cheer me up. We haven´t had 3 weeks of sunshine here in Sweden. We´ve had 3 weeks of rain and THEN 3 days of sunshine...I´m starving for beauty!

  26. Lucky you for getting some rain - it's starting to get really dry here. I would kill for a wet day to lie on the couch and read and not feel guilty about not being in the garden. Leigh

  27. Pick Me! Pick Me! Pick Me!!! Because though I live in Europe and go to France often, I've never seen these burlap pillows on this side of the pond. This trend has taken off in the USA but it hasn't in Europe and every since Joannie/Cote de Texas posted a blog with these pillows I've been dying for them and alas, though I'm looking high and low over here I can't find them anywhere! It's a bone of contention for me... I guess I've made a business out of exporting the best of the best to America, but alas, at this moment it's biting in the butt! Return the beauty to Europe I say, so I can set it my lovely French berger and contemplate my dreams.

  28. Well, I'd like to win one of these pillows because they are SO beautiful and I already have one at the farmhouse, so a smaller square one on my daybed would be perfect. A perfect bit of rustic French chic!

  29. I think I deserve to win, because I can see myself lying on my almost french garage sale vintage find sofa, eating my almost french pastry from Le'WalMart, leaning back on that beautiful almost French burlap pillow thinking that it's almost like being in France. It's almost as good as I imagine it would be to go to France.


    Carol Casey

  30. I deserve it "Just Because", I love beautiful things and these are definitely Beautiful. I have a huge front porch and a wicker couch that would welcome them. Thank you in Advance.


  31. What a gorgeous giveaway! I'd love to win one of your "fabulously french" pillows to give to my daughter who loves everything French, has a blog called "French Nest" and has just purchased her 1st home :-)

  32. I was just visiting her blog for the first time and now yours via Tina (Enchanted Rose Studio). Your blog is beautiful!

    I would love to be entered! Thank you :)

  33. What fun, you don't know me... but I found you through Tina at Enchanted Rose Studio. I deserve to win because my two grandnaughties are in a French Immersion school and speak French fluently, my bathroom is French, my studio signs are in French, I use burlap in my artwork too... and um, I love them. TY!

    My new blog site is up - Yippee! Please come visit. I now have my fabulous finished faerie boxes listed in a post - they are just yummy, go have a look; )

    Remember, I am now at so please change any links you may have!


  34. Hi Leeann,

    Love the burlap pillow and anything that has a smidgen to do with France, I will be in.
    Please throw my name into the hat.
    These pillows are wonderful.

    Have a fabulous week

  35. Hi, Leeann,

    New reader, loving your blog. Very into burlap after seeing it on Cote de Texas. I love the simpleness; it's so elegant.

    Great giveaway and good luck to all!

    Trish L

  36. Leeann-A lovely giveaway on your lovely blog.

  37. Oh dear, I can't really think of a reason why I deserve to win, but I'd sure love to. Those pillows are spectacular and one would look so beautiful in my home.

  38. I would love love love to win this pillow! I married a French man from Brittany and I would love to incorporate some of his heritage into the decoration of our recently purchased home! J'adore ton blog!

  39. I would love to win because I love French burlap pillows AND I never win a thing! This would be a first!

  40. Thanks for the opportunity, love your blog.

  41. Of course i would love to win the cushion; they are absolutely beautiful and 'fabuously french'. Good luck to everyone else i am sure we all have a spot already waiting.

  42. Wonderful Giveaway! Those are beutiful and so is your blog. Hugs, Patricia

  43. It would be lovely to win one of Michelles cushions as I love them Oh so much. I have already bought one from Michelle and am about to buy some more but,another one wouldn't hurt, would it?I have already talked about these cushions and said that I love the ones from Three Fine Grains but they are soooo expensive whereas Michelles are so reasonable and just as nice.I wouldn't mind that chair that you have posted today (tuesday)either. Many thanks for the chance of winning one of these lovely cushions. XXXX

  44. I was about to recover a great 19th century Porter's Chair that I got on Ebay with Belgium linen when I realised the lowly "jute" (decorator euphamism for burlap)it was covered with already (standard underlay for other upholstery fabric)had that "je ne sais quois"..."I just got this at a French flea market" look. I respect this noble, oft underestimated cloth immensly. Thus I am a friend to burlap and deserve to win one of those awesome pillows. Trish

  45. Love those pillows. Very pretty. Please enter me in your drawing.

  46. ....because one of these cushions would look perfect on the chair that will sit near the 'french linen' curtains I'm picking up tomorrow! So happy to hear that they will soon be available in Australia. If I don't win, I'll definately be tracking them down here! Nic

  47. I love this!


  48. Hmm, I deserve this pillow because I recently celebrated my 27th birthday and this would be a great present :)

  49. Because each time I return home, drift into my bedroom and see this divine pillow I will swoon with joy... it is too perfect as a blend with leather, velvet and linen...Thanks

  50. After a long day of caring for ill people in the saddest of life's situations it would be a blessing and a joy to come home to one of Michelle's beautiful creations. Thanks for the opportunity to enter such a fun contest!

  51. Please, please, please select me - my wife would start to cry if I gave her these pillows for our 21st wedding anniversary - and she would tell everyone. We just took our daughter off to college, and my wife has been very sad without her.
    Please, please, please.
    Christopher C.

  52. I would love to win one of these, and would love to collect it next year, but if I don't, then Simple Things Small Joys will get another visit - I am lucky enough to only be 20 minutes from the new shop.
    I also want to boast that I am getting a very special book for Christmas - thank you for sharing your life, the one we dream ours was like.


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