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The Sunday just gone, at one of the local vide greniers, I bought a couple of pieces of fabric which I think are too pretty to make cushions from as it seems a shame to cut up the lovely picture.
That said I have just photogrpahed the blue and white piece and I am now thinking that one large cushion could be fabulous!

Here are some photos, let me know what you think....

This is the blue and white fabric, it is made by a brunschwig & fils.

And this is the rouge and cream piece, I am not sure of the manufacturer but think that it would look great framed.....

I think that if you click on the photo, you will be able to see how detailed the print is.

So now it is over to you, all ideas will be gratefully received.....

Merci beaucoup

L x


  1. Waw! They're faboulous! You're a very lucky girl ! You can make lots of things but it depends of the amount of fabric! Cushions would surely be wonderful! And lampshades??
    Happy new day!

  2. Oh, i love toile de jouy fabrics. I know what you mean... to cut those lovley fabrics...., what do you think about a beautiful quilt or a simple blanket?
    Have a great day,

  3. Beautiful pieces of fabric. I think your ideas are perfect - one large cushion and one piece framed.

  4. They are beautiful pieces! I would definitely frame one piece. Perhaps one large cushion with the toile almost 'appliqued' on to a nice linen base cloth. Is there enough for a screen or stretched on to a piece of canvas? The seat of a nice old chair or stool?

  5. maybe recovering a lamp shade, or a screen would be fabulous, maybe an ottoman, but cushions are lovely too, so many choices with such a beautiful piece of fabric. xx

  6. Loving the lampshade idea .... and agree with a small ottoman/footstool. If you have enough to do the top - the skirt could be plain - or do a bench with wonderful legs.
    Such Fun !!

  7. What about for window treatments? Each toile stretched on a cornice board for the valance and then lovely white French sheer curtains in under.

  8. I second the idea of window treatments. You can keep the pieces as a whole, display them, and I'm sure they would look lovely with the light coming in through them on a beautiful day.

  9. I definitely agree - what ever you do, it would be best to keep them in one piece. They are divine!
    Bonne chance,

  10. Beautiful fabric! this is my first visit to your beautiful blog. Thank you for sharing.

  11. Such gorgeous fabric! And you're right about the detail. Provided there's a lot of it, I'm thinking a headboard. But whatever you decide, it'll be lovely, I'm sure.

  12. I completely agree with your desire to frame the sencond piece. The tightness of the pattern would lend itself so well to framing. As for the blue piece, the scenes are rather separated, so I do not think it would work as wall art. The large format of the pattern does lend itself to a larger piece like the cushion you suggested rather than a smaller application like a lamp shade.

  13. toile de jouy is beautiful and just screams FRANCE.... this might not be the answer you want but....I think that you will know what to do with them far more than me !!!! XXXX

  14. Beautiful fabrics. What about covering a small sturdy box. I have done this with special fabric and padded the lid. You could also try a journal or favourite note book. And don't forget to spray a waterproofer on them so they don't mark.

  15. Hi Leeann,

    You fabric is lovely and would make a lovely cover for a screen, lampshade, cover a footstool or otterman.
    Look forward to seeing what you do with the fabric.

    enjoy your weekend

  16. If you have some random dining style chairs you could upholster the seats. A bed head would be great also, or as a frind of mine did, she made a fabulous bolero style jacket out of toile and also a nice A-line skirt.


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