Come on in.....

Photo: Maison No. 20 Entrance

Well, the new entrance to Maison No. 20 has been completed so it looks like I will get a wee rest from painting for a while as we will not start the third and final apartment until September, which incidentally, is not that far away.

I am now on the hunt for a few fabulous hats to hang on the coat stand so if anyone knows where I can find some, let me know.

Photo: Maison No. 20 Entrance

I feel that it needs a little greenery so will try and find something suitable.........any suggestions would be most welcome!

I am supposed to be translating the guest house manual for Maison No. 20 so had better go as I have Alex, my lovely french teacher coming to check it in a little over an hour.

A demain,

L x


  1. Your entrance is beautiful! I love the colour of your front door - very chic and cheery. Some greenery would be perfect for your entrance, say a couple of topiaries for example?

  2. Oooooo yes. Bay trees or box at the front door or did you mean inside in the hall ? I like ferns inside but that is probably the Victorian coming out in me !! I'm sure you will do the right thing. You've managed pretty well so far !!!! XXXX

  3. Leeann-eBay is wonderful for vintage hats.

  4. Your entrance is very nice! I like the colour of the door and with hat and greenery it will be simply perfect!
    Bonne soiree!

  5. I love that red door!!! Can't wait to see more. XXX Kim

  6. Gorgeous!! Love the door.

  7. The door is FABULOUS!

    And I'm so jealous of your 'house call french teacher'!

  8. It looks so inviting Leeann - I'm sure you'll find just the right pieces to complete such a lovely picture.
    Millie ^_^

  9. Hi Leeann,

    Lovely entranceway and very inviting.
    I think a little topiary tree or a parlour palm, would look lovely there.
    I see you have the same lamps as we do in our lounge. We have a pale green pair of them.
    I am forever taking them down as they are bug catchers - they are attracted to the light, get trapped and cannot get out again.


  10. Hi Leeann

    The front door and entrance look absolutely beautiful - elegant and understated and so perfectly french. You've done an amazing job! Leigh

  11. Love the color of the door. Everything is gorgeous. Congratulations leean


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