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Maison No. 20 Apartment Entrance

Late last night I discovered that the curtains that I had purchased for the living area were too long, at least this is better than being too short and then having to buy fabric to lengthen as was the case in one of the bedrooms.

I placed an emergency call to my curtain lady, but alas she was not at home so I left a cry of help on her answerphone.

Being the angel that she is, she popped in this morning and promised that she would do the necessary and have them finished by Saturday morning, merci beaucoup Maureen!

The entrance in the apartment is almost finished, Mr FF has been busy hanging a coat rack and key holder and is now hard at work on the stairwell.

I thought that you may like to see a couple of photos....

I am really happy with the sisal flooring as I love the texture and it works well with the white walls.

As you know, I am mad about butterflies so I am sure that the butterfly prints do not come as a surprise....and the lavender is the "no water required" kind!

I really love the colour of the commode and the carving is so pretty. I think that you may need to click on the photo so that you can get the full effect.

Have a fabulous Friday.

L x


  1. Absolutely gorgeously breathtaking! A-M xx

  2. Your commode is simply faboulous!!!! Wish you a nice week end!

  3. Hi L
    I can smell your lavender from here.. and Your KILLER sideboard. SUPER..
    Don't work too hard, have some time to rest(smile)

    xo Julie

  4. It looks great and I love the Sisal floors too!! :) Cate

  5. Hi Leeann,

    Your hallway looks fabulous and the commode is wonderful - love all the carving.
    I have the same no water lavender, in the bathroom too.
    The sisal and butterfly prints look great too.
    You must be feeling really pleased with your new look.

    Have a great weekend.

  6. That commode is gorgeous - incredible carved details. I adore the butterflies. Your entrance looks wonderful, Leeann!

  7. At the risk of sounding repetitive ... the commode is fabulous!!! You must be so happy with your achievements. Thanks for visiting me, I am sure next week must be better. Julie

  8. Visiting your blog is exactly the little dose of France that I need!
    Bon weekend,

  9. Such style-incredible. I love it all. Have a great weekend!

  10. I love that commode. It's gorgeous!!

  11. That commode is really gorgeous!

  12. Beautifully done.. The details on the comode are wonderful.. and I love wall to wall sisal flooring..

    Kind Regards

  13. I am definitely feeling the love for this beautiful entry vignette. The magnificence of the commode goes without speaking, but all the elements work so perfectly together~it gives a calm and serene welcome with the soft colors, lavender, butterflies and wine props and then is poetically punctuated with the black umbrella.


  14. Your entry looks absolutely beautiful! Very French and chic. I love the lavendar, it looks so real!


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