Some fabulously french flowers for you......

What is more french than the geranium, I must admit I have not been a fan of them when I have lived in other countries but I am slowly falling under their spell.

They just seem to belong in France, it is like they are meant to be here.

I bought some fabulous pink and white ones today but do not have my camera with me so will post some photos next week.

In the meantime I hope that these photos will help you understand why I think they belong in France......

I love these ones, they look fabulous on their own....

But then these look just as fabulous, grouped together......

And this one is simply perfect....

Have a fabulous Friday!
L x


  1. Red Geraniums are so vibrant. I love these photos and you are so right, they are very French!

  2. lovely photos - thanks for posting :)

  3. There is nothing like a pop of red! It has such joie de vive.

  4. Any beautiful flower against a stone facade makes me happy! And these are just the cherry on the top!

  5. Geraniums are very popular in Italy too! I like them...specially the white ones!!!
    Have a nice week end!

  6. the shuttered windows are pretty hot too!


  7. Lovely pictures! I want shuttered windows .x.

  8. You're so right. I'm not a big geranium fan, but in France, they look great. They are just so right there.

  9. You are so right, they do look just right in the photos....and those shutters in the first shot!
    Happy Week-end!
    Simone :)

  10. There is nothing like a red geranium to make you smile!

    Love the pictures!

  11. As an American gardener, I have never liked or used geraniums, but I can't imagine a French garden without them. They are transformed in a French garden. I really like your blog-thanks for stopping by mine!

  12. Oh so very French and just beautiful! A-M xx

  13. So very French, red geraniums in the window boxes.
    I have a pot near the driveway with red geraniums and I never like the smell of them. Give me roses or something that has a lovely fragrance.

    have a great weekend

  14. Beautiful images, the terracotta pots contrasting against the older stone, the bright fresh geraniums are so european I just love them. Thanks for the lovely reminder of Spring/Summer in France!

  15. I absolutely adore this post.. My grandfather used to love geraniums, and his balcony in Italy was filled with them.. and so, like my mom, I always plant geraniums in pots in front of our home.. so beautiful, and they remind me of my grandparents.. My favorite is the martha Washington .. the 2 tones are so lively...

    Thanks for this wonderful post.

  16. Geraniums are hugely popular in Quebec too. I always put them in balconnières on my facade and play with the colors from year to year. I've long loved the reds and now falling for corals. Great pictures!

  17. they are so pretty - and they're the one plant i can't kill!

  18. I am hoping that they survive as I am a bit like that with plants. Last year my plants on our terrace looked fabulous but it was thanks to a guest who carefully watered them every morning before breakfast for two weeks. After that I felt a bit guilty so managed to remember to water them most days :-)

    Leeann x


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