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Beth, owner of 2 of the most fabulous blogs style redux and Chinoiserie Chic has asked why the butterfly prints that I recently purchased, are called publicity prints?

The reason that they are called publicity prints is because they were used as publicity for drugs and these particular ones were sent to doctors in the 1960's.On one side they have the print and on the other is the information about the pharmaceutical product.

You can see the name and address of the doctor in the photo and also the information about the drug, this one was used to treat premenstrual problems, thought that this may make you smile - not sure how the butterfly is relevant, but it is certainly very pretty.

A demain,

L x


  1. L-Thank you so much for explaining this-absolutely fascinating and wonderful. You are so nice to mention my blogs and to explain this. You have great style. Beth

  2. To die for!!! I am addicted to gorgeous silver trays and your new border has me goo goo gah gah! I have to say that I do not think I have ever seen a more stunning border effect. Sheer artistry, Leeann. And butterflies ~ I would only hope to claim the phrase "great minds think alike" in comparing myself to you, but I was also fascinated with butterflies as a child. The cocoon thing was intriguing but thier delicate beauty was captivating. They were a popular motif for jewelery in the early '70s and some of my most treasured vintage pieces are fashioned after the butterfly. I hope you find the French frames you are looking for. You are amazing.


  3. I must of missed the first post, but these advertisements are lovely. As is your new blog look! Just beautiful. I wonder if the butterfly was used as it represents transformation and metamorphis:) Julie

  4. Your new side border looks exquisite Leeann. I certainly had a little chuckle when you mentioned what the drug was treating. The girl in the picture looks so serene and happy - must be the good stuff then!!

  5. Hi Leeann,

    thank you for explaining about the Publicity prints.
    How funny that the drug was used for treating premenstrual problems.
    looks like they are working for this Lass.

    Have a great day

  6. I just love your new look Blog it looks fantastic...very chic...very French :)

  7. Hi, Loving your new border i think it looks 'Fabuously French', he he. Your blog is always inspirational . Thankyou Amanda.x


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