Oh I wish....

Photo: Rodney Smith

........that the painting fairy would come and finish painting our volets/shutters.

They are the same style as the ones in the photo, hence they take a lot of time to sand, scrape and finally paint.

Maison No. 20 is looking very naked without them and I think that she will be "très content" when they are all back in their rightful place.

Bon vendredi à tous!
Leeann x


  1. Love the photo, can't wait to see your finished shutters :)

  2. Oh such work, but oh so worth it. Yes please do share your post-shutter project!

  3. I wish a painting fairy had helped me paint my bathroom today...my arms are TIRED!!

  4. I am a huge Rodney Smith fan-I use his photos all the time.

  5. I pay my painting fairy his name is Doug...

  6. We've just had all our shutters repainted (16 doors) - the painter was overwhelmed so well done you for even contemplating this job. Love to see the finished result! Leigh


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