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The light is too long!

Yes that is exactly what happened when we hung the new light in the hall of the apartment, that we are currently working like crazy to get finished.

Mr FF finally got my fabulous lantern up only to find that it hung quite low and there was a high probability of a guest knocking themselves out or even worse, smashing the light :-).

Mon dieu! Could this day get any worse I wondered?
After a hard day of hand sanding the very old floorboards in the lounge/dining area this was not what I needed to hear.

Then I remembered that amongst the hundreds of boxes on the ground floor, was a fabulous antique chandelier that I had bought with the intention of selling it in the shop.

I suggested that we move the exisiting light from the bedroom which I thought was a little plain, put this in the hall and hang my antique chandelier in the bedroom.

An hour or so later, the reason that this took longer than expected, was due to the fact that the chandelier is crystal and very heavy so Mr FF thought that he should take precautions to ensure that it did not fall down as there would be a lot of tears if this was to happen.

Result? The bedroom looks fabulous with its new chandelier and I am now hunting for another to sell in the shop....

A bientot,

Leeann x


  1. Hello Leann! Your chandelier is gforgeous and the bed-room looks faboulous!!!
    Have a nice day!

  2. Beautiful chandy!! I love it! Good luck finishing the apartment! It's always a tough job!

  3. It DOES look fabulous - good work!
    Simone :)

  4. What a gorgeous chandy!!! I am very partial to a nice chandy,yours looks great in your bedroom!!! One thought though,if it sat too low in the hallway,couldnt you shorten the chain?

    Lesley : )

  5. I long for the day when I can say, 'hey I think I have a spare chandelier somewhere here' :) Lovely. All your hard work is paying off!

  6. Thank goodness you changed things around Leeann - MOTH's 6'7" so when we drop in on you, there will be no problems!!! It looks gorgeous in it's new place.
    Millie ^_^

  7. Hello Lesley,

    The problem was that it was one of those fishbowl type lights that has 3 metal strips that support it and these could not be shortened and the chain could not be altered any more.

    It is similar to those shown in this photo of a hall..

    I am sure that I will use it one day...


  8. Millie,

    Mr FF is 6'4 so I know what it is like living with a tall man. I spend most of my life on a wee step ladder as he puts everything too high for me to reach in the kitchen. So we thought that if he hit his head on the light then there was a high probability that others would do the same.

    Leeann x

  9. The glass chandelier is beautiful! Looks fantastic in the bedroom!

  10. That is a gorgeous chandelier. I think you will enjoy it more in your bedroom anyways!!

  11. Looking so wonderful - can't wait to make my reservation.....maybe next Spring?

  12. Wow! That chandelier looks like the perfect balance in that bedroom. Love it there. I am glad you didn't sell it.

  13. Magnificent! Truly stunning in your bedroom!

  14. I too had a similar experience, we had to race out and get metal cutters to shorten the chain. Then when chandelier was finally hung,we turned it on and boom!!! Turns out it had not be wired correctly, so down it came and off to be rewired. The store we bought it from did reimburse us the cost of rewiring.

  15. Gorgeous Chandelier. I have some beautiful crystal sconces that I bought when I was on a buying trip in France. I am waiting for my husband to go on a golf trip so I can redo the bathroom and install my lovelies! Your pictures have inspired me to make the reservations for him!!!!! One tiny suggestion, put clear bulbs with the pointy tops, they are much prettier with the crystal.

  16. Hi L
    Gorgeous, Pretty Chandelier. I have two of very similar Chandelier like yours but my ceiling very low so couldn't use it.. (sigh~)
    Room looks great!

    x Julie

  17. Hi Linda,

    Thanks for the advice. I will get some as they will look a lot prettier. Yesterday we added some fab chairs and console but the table legs are too long to go under the window sill so Mr FF is adjusting it today :-)

    This is the part I love - the finishing touches part.

    Just need more chandeliers....

    Merci beaucoup et a bientot

    L X

  18. Hi Leeann thanks for visiting my blog and for commenting !! You've inspired me here, I am looking for a headboard for a king bed - and hadnt thought of putting two single bedheads together - genious !

  19. Leeann, I'm sincerely happy that it all worked out for you in the end. The chandelier must be a stunning feature in the bedroom.

  20. Looks fabulous! I adore chandliers in the bedroom.... Adds such elegance. And to think it wasn't planned :) Gorgeous outcome

  21. Hi Leeann,

    Glad that you got things sorted in the end.
    Your chandelier is fabulous.



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