Tour of Ma Maison - Part 3

Hope that you all had a good weekend, here it was sunny and warm the whole weekend.

As promised I am continuing the tour of our house starting with the dining room.

Maison de Poitiers Dining room

I bought the table and chairs whilst I was living in Dubai but the rest of the furniture was sourced in France.

Maison de Poitiers - Breakfast time

I adore the "desserte" which is shown in the background and also have a buffet that matches this. I would be lost without these pieces of furniture as not only do they look the part but are perfect for storing china and glassware. It is amazing the amount that these can hold.

Off the dining room we have a covered terrace which we use most of the year for both breakfast and dinner.

Maison de Poitiers - Terrace

This is the view from the terrace in the summer, the mass of yellow that you can see in the distance is sunflowers - I adore them as to me they are happy flowers and they are so cute in the fact that they turn to face the sun hence when you drive past in the morning and again in the evening their haeds have moved to follow the sun hence the name in french "Tournesol" which translates to turn with the sun.

Maison de Poitiers - view from the terrace

Tomorrow I will show you the bedrooms on the 2nd floor, here is a glimpse of things to come........

Maison de Poitiers - Chambre verte

See you tomorrow/a demain

L x


  1. I love your blog!!!! Its gorgeous and so is your house!! Well done!!!

    i am also a francophile,i lived in Morzine for a few years and Argentiere for one!!


  2. I am thoroughly enjoying your lovely tour of la maison!

  3. Hi L..
    Oh.. I don't think I can wait any longer till I visit where you are.. You are cruel to show off where you live.(crying..) should I cancel CA and go to France?(sigh~)
    I adore your dining chairs.. Would you please take a full picture next time to post?

    Have a great day! off to bed for me..
    x Julie

  4. Loving the tour....have to look up the term "desserte" new to me - like Buffet ? See you tomorrow

  5. Very pretty and so nice that you share it with us! When I lived in Dubai my villa was past Safa Park in Jumeirah. Actually I had two villas during the time I lived there, what a fun place. Have a wonderful day. ~Cathy~

  6. Hello Mary, in answer to your question "desserte" is what we would call a buffet in english and buffet is the equivalent of a dresser/cupboard.- I have used the bottom part of a desserte on my current project amd have put fabric lined baskets on the shelves which give it a more contemporary look.

    A demain

    L x

  7. Cathy, it is such a small world as we lived in 27 street which was opposite the Pak and Shop shopping complex on the beach side so I know Safa Park well. Shopping in Dubai was amazing as you could get anything that you wanted from anywhere in the world.

    It is a small world :-)

    L x

  8. ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS!!! I would love to dine in either setting!!!
    Oooh la la PINK champagne for PINK Saturday... LOVELY!

  9. How lovely! I just got back from Ireland and your home reminds me of the adorable bed and breakfasts that we stayed in. Great job!

  10. Magnifique!!! J'adore your style :)

  11. I love the Terrace I can see myself having breakfast there every morning before going to the markets.

  12. I am sooo in love with every post! I have been reading up and I can't believe the beauty you showcase here! Thank you for sharing and I will be dreaming of having breakfast in the covered terrace!

  13. I love it. Your dining room is beautiful and what view you enjoy!!!

  14. I have been enjoying all your beautiful links - Wonderfully creative.


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