Tour Ma Maison - Final part

I am a little later than normal today posting my blog as I have been busy painting and also had a meeting with my "curtain lady" Maureen who is going to alter some of the curtains that I have bought for apartment 2 and she will also be making the window seat cushion for one of the bedrooms and making some cushions to go on the beds and no doubt a few other things....

Mr FF spent yesterday wallpapering the inside of the wardrobes which look fabulous but he was not that happy about it as it was quite fiddly to do! As I write this he is putting the base down for the sisal flooring in one of the bedrooms so I figure that by the end of the week I will have the furniture in :-) that said we still have a coat of base on the ceiling to go and the two coats of top so maybe not.

I have just remembered that there is a big vide grenier (french equivalent of a flea market) taking place on Friday so I am hoping to get more stock for the shop so maybe the room will not be finished until Sunday, well a girl can dream can't she!

Right back to the tour, we will start with the Chambre Verte.......

Maison de Poitiers - Chambre Verte

This room has the biggest bed in the house 180 x 200 which is large by french standards as a lot of the antique beds are 140 x 200 or even 135 x 190 cms.

The room was already green so rather than go to a lot of additional expense of changing the decor, I decided to go with the existing colours.

Chaise in the Chambre Verte

This room gets the sun in the morning so this chair is perfect for watching the birds and enjoying a nice quiet cup of tea......which incidentally is always requested by our Parisian guests as they consider it to be quite exotic much to my partner's amusement who is english hence he takes the tea thing for granted.

That is something that I loved about living in India as I lived in the Taj Mahal Hotel for a year and in the afternoon darjeeling tea was served in the lounge by a butler with white gloves in a silver teapot - how fabulously decadent!

Both this room and the Chambre Baroque have basins in the bedroom as opposed to the bathroom which has worked well as the exisiting dressing rooms were rather petite.

Vanity in the Chambre Verte

Along the hall from the Chambre Verte is the Chambre Baroque......

Maison de Poitiers Chambre Baroque

This room has the original wallpaper and I like it but my partner is not that keen on it.

I had a lot of fun furnishing Maison de Poitiers as it was my first house in France and I love it when the french say how french it is, it is a real compliment.

Sadly we are in the process of selling Maison de Poitiers as we are hoping to buy a property that will serve as a retreat during the winter months when it gets too cold in France.

We are keeping the property that we are in the process of renovating which, from the beginning of July, will operate as apartments/Chambres D'hotes complete with shop on the ground floor opening in September 2009.

Hope that you have enjoyed the tour of Maison de Poitiers.

L x


  1. Hi L.
    Thank you for taking us tour of the maison de poitiers. Hope you will get a lot of goodies from the vide grenier. Dont forget to show off on your next blog please. Have a great day!
    I wish I were there..

    x Julie

  2. I've really enjoyed the tour of your beautiful French home - it's magnificent! So sad to here that you are selling this lovely piece of France. Lee :)

    P.S. I really like the wallpaper in the Chambre Baroque.

  3. Fabulous post and tour - Maison de Poitiers is beautiful. This must have been a wonderful project! Thank you for being such a great tour guide! Leigh

  4. Thanks for the tour of your fabulously French home!

  5. Absolutely perfect!!I love the wallpaper in Chambre Baroque and the Bed. And some retail therapy in a French Market would be rather nice too!!!

  6. I also love the new look blog...

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  8. gorgeous! you are living my dream life :) Bon chance on the hotel and shop exciting!

  9. I am thrilled that I found your blog as I absolutely love it! I can't wait to see your newest project, and would love to one day visit~

  10. What a beautiful home! Truly stunning!


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