Taupe on my mind.....

I adore taupe and are using a lot of it on our current project. It is such a great colour as it works well with so many other colours................

I adore mixing modern and old pieces, also pieces from different countries as you will soon find out......as I am mixing French and Indian furniture at Maison No. 20.

Photo: Roche Bobois

I especially love this photo, the floor tiles, the bed, candelabra, bed, chandelier..............all beautiful pieces.
Bon semaine
L x

ps I have a day painting skirting, what fun, I guess that someone has to get all the great jobs!


  1. What a trio of gorgeousness Leanne! I'm in total agreement with you about taupe, you really can't go wrong, it's such a fab colour- especially with a touch of black thrown in. Wish I had a dollar for all the hours I've spent sitting on the floor, painting a metre of skirting & then shuffling along on my rear to do the next metre - MOTH always told me it kept me humble!
    Millie ^_^

  2. I in total agreement too!!! I love the colours in each of your photos and that BED...WOW I want one! and the Lounge and the Mirror...I just love your post!!!

  3. I like taupe too. It's so restful on the eyes and makes a room seem so calm. Love those rooms.

  4. One of my all-time favourite combinations in deco. is taupe and pale blue - beautiful post!

  5. Love those photos, the bedroom is to die for!! I could never live in a room with too much colour, I am a beige kinda girl!! Take care, Chrissy

  6. I love taupe! It seems to go with everything. It is my black. Love your blog too!

  7. Love your post of taupe. It always looks so wonderful and restful.
    The lounge and bedroom photos you have shared are just gorgeous.

    Good luck with your painting of the skirting boards ~ always lovely to have that job finished with.


  8. I love this room.....love the mirror, the bed and the chandelier especially. Oh, and the floor too! Your blog is beautiful, you have a great eye for design.
    Simone :)

  9. That bedroom is fantastic. I'd love to have mine be very similar.

  10. What beautiful images - the bedroom is my favorite. I love the soothing neutrality of taupe, and I like to have color accents in the art and pillows - I always say it is so I can change the color palette easily, but I seem to have settled into a favorite color palette (greens and blues) and have not changed it for years!

  11. I totally agree with you, the livingroom is my favorite mine is inspire by the same picture. And the bedroom is so original.


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