Pink Saturday

Photo: Moet & Chandon

I cannot belive that it is Saturday already, this week has simply flown past........I thought that we would get this pink saturday off to a start with a glass of champagne, french & pink of course!

Or we could listen to a song about pink champagne, with lyrics like this, it should have been a hit........ ......

Your kisses are pink champagne you bubble up and then we kiss again ooh when we kiss just like pink champagne that sounds special your kiss will remain

I have already popped out to get some very lovely pink macaroons -excuse the green ones they just sneaked in when I was not looking ..........

Trouble was that I forgot where my ballerines were and the only pair of shoes that I could find that were pink were a little too high for running in.......

Fortunately they co-ordinated well with my dior lipstick (pink of course).....

Whilst I was out I passed a couple so in love and guess what? they had a pink balloon!

Photo: Caroline Tran Photography

But somewhere along the way I lost my dog, yes you guessed right, he is pink so if you see him please let me know....

Photo: Pink Poodle Spa

Please pop over to Beverly's blog to join the fun and read about anything pink.

Have a very happy & very pink Saturday

L x


  1. What a fun post! And I'm digging those pink heels!


  2. How delightful and lots of pretties to look at. Happy Pink Saturday!

  3. ha ha ha..
    Fun post. My little princess's favorite color is PINK.. Happy Pink Saturday!!


  4. Love your pink Saturday! Have a fabulous French weekend!

  5. What a fun post.

    au revoir

  6. Wonderful post for this l♥vely Pink Saturday. This is one morning of the week that I sit back, stroll from blog to blog and indulge myself surrounded by my favorite color.

    I wish you a blessed weekend filled with sunshine and surrounded by those you l♥ve.

  7. That is some fun Pink Eye Candy! Poor Pink Poodle. Why do dogs put up with people doing that to them. Or should it be why do people do that to dogs? lol Thank You for showing us some yummy Pinks. I totally want heels like that! :)
    Happy Pink Saturday!

  8. A fun pink post - those shoes are fabulous but I don't think I would walk properly in them! Happy Pink Saturday!

  9. OOooo~ That lipstick is heavenly!
    Happy Pinkness!

  10. Very funny!!! You come on over to my place with that pink champagne and we can sit in my pink chairs and sip it!!! Have a great pink Saturday!

  11. i LOVE pink! one of my favorite colors. the champagne looks yummy.the pink standard poodle is adorable. i saw one in pink walking down Santa Monica Blvd. here in L.A. looks just like this one. another one of my favorite things are shoes and those are fabulous. i love a woman with great style and you have amazing style. thank you for your kind comment. have a fabulous pink weekend!

  12. My daughters & I LOVE the pink poodle!!!! All of your pinks are wonderful! Happy Pink Saturday!

  13. Oh how fun is your blog? Awesome in pinkness today. My favorite is the pink poodle. I love poodles and have had two now sadly in doggy heaven. I am looking for one now. I would like some pink sparkly. Mmmmm. I would die in those high heels. BIG smile. Love your post.


  14. Some lovely PINK today! The pink poodle is too much. Warm wishes for a wonderful weekend. Esther

  15. Pass me a glass of that bubbly dahling! Only the best French Moet will do!

  16. such a fun post, hope you had a great pink saturday! Heidi

  17. These are all perfect Pinks! Imagine walking that poodle down a busy street? I am sure it would turn a few heads. Have a lovely day. ~Cathy~

  18. What a great French weekend, I'll take it, Happy Pink Saturday, Char

  19. I love all your pinks - especially the shoes!! Please stop by my blog - I am having a couple of giveaways! Happy Pink Saturday - a day late.

  20. The dog was the perfect finishing touch. Thank you for the fun post!

  21. Running late this week visiting blogs....Hope you had a Happy Pink Saturday ~ Susan


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