It rained and it rained....

Photo: Rodney Smith

Hope that you all have a good weekend and a lovely Mother's Day. It rained here most of the weekend so the vide greniers were a bit of a wash out :-(
That said I still managed to find some interesting pieces for the shop. I will try and photograph this week and then post a photo or two of my latest treasures. .....this week is a busy week as we have a lot of guests staying at Maison de Poitiers, our Chambres D'hotes.

Bon semaine

L x


  1. Gorgeous photo - if only we could all look this good on a wet day!

  2. Where do you get all your fantastic photos from!??I love your blog!

  3. Love your blog - so glad I found it !!!

  4. Can't wait to see what you found..
    Take care.
    x Julie

  5. That's what I wore last week in the rain !!
    Look forward to seeing your finds.

  6. Such beautiful photos! Happy to have found
    your blog.

  7. I start to be a regular visitor of your blog...

  8. Oh it all sounds so tres chic! It's sounds like a dream.... your wonderful French life. I can't wait to share France with my boys. Out of all the countries I travelled in my youth, France is it! Maybe for hubby's birthday in September? Oh no that's right, just built a house... I'm below broke. I will just have to live all things French through this URL! A-M xx

  9. What a beautiful photo.

    Maison de Poitiers must be fun and it is something my husband and I would like to do one day ~ a dream to have a B&B in France.

    I hope your busy week, is a great one.



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