Fabulously French Fashionable Friday

Today I am joining Fifi Flower's fashionable Friday blog party.

I adore Karl Largerfield and think that he is perfect for fashionable friday, hope that you agree Fifi...

I love the his "barbie" campaign starring Baptiste Giabiconi as Ken, the photos are amazing, j'aime beaucoup!

Have a fabulous fashionable Friday! and bon voyage Fifi!

L x


  1. Bonjour! The model they picked as Ken looks fashionably handsome! Merci for visiting me today!

  2. Merci beaucoup... j'adore Chanel and Lagerfeld... and that you joined in on the Fashionable FUN!
    Bon week-end!

  3. Welcome to Sits,
    I wanted to say hello! Like you I love all things French and used to live in Dubai. Drop by my site for a visit anytime. It is always nice to meet new friends. ~Cathy~

    I look forward to following your site.

  4. What a fun post. Now that's a beautiful "Ken"!
    Happy weekend!

  5. Hi L
    Just wanted to wish you a great weekend!!

    x Julie


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