My favourite french things - what are yours?

Fabulously french things.........................

1. 2CV’s – I love these cars they make me smile every time that I see one. One of our friends has just bought an immaculate white one which I am will feature in a later post.

2. Croissants

3. Cakes packed in lovely cardboard boxes

4. Baguettes – nothing tastes nicer than a baguette still warm from the oven

5. Foie Gras – I know that it may not be politically correct but I love it and are lucky that we live in the main foie gras area in France!

6. Prunes – Agen prunes are rated as the best in the world and I now understand why.

7. Pastis – we often have a glass of patis at our local bar on our return from a Sunday afternoon’s cycling in the country

8. Cheese – I love all French cheese and I am always amazed at just how many are on offer at our local supermarket

9. Wine – We are spoilt for choice here as we are within striking distance to Monbazillac, Bordeaux and St Emillion and cannot believe how cheap the wine is here compared to Sydney and London

10. Church bells ringing on the hour, and every half hour throughout the day.

11. Lace curtains.

12. Johnny Hallyday – the French love him and play his music every chance they get

13. Fetes des vins – wine festivals are so much fun as is the oyster and wine festival which takes place in August

14. Flower markets

15. Vide Greniers/Brocantes

16. Bastille day in France – our village is only small but it puts on the most wonderful firework display

17. Plaited strings of onions and garlic – every kitchen should have one

18. Madame Sarkozy (alias the very talented and beautiful Carla Bruni)

19. Chateaux – would you believe that we we have 1 001 in our area

Chateau in nearby village of Lauzun

20. Seasonal window displays – I love the way that all the shops change their window displays in accordance with the seasons

21. Dog grooming parlours – I love peering in the window watching the transformation take place

22. Politeness - I love the way when out walking in the village everyone greets one another

23. Boules – every village has its own playing area, I love watching the local’s play.

24. Bicycles - is there any other mode of transport?

25. Markets – a wonderful way to catch up with friends

Local market in Eymet

26. History – I come from the youngest country in the world (New Zealand) so to live in a 13th century village is pretty unbelievable

27. Lavender

28. Volets or shutters as they are know in English – they are so practical and I cannot imagine living in a house that did not have them

29. Toile de jouy – what more can I say except that I love it.

30. Sunflowers
I love the way that they turn to face the sun!

31.Champagne – enough said!

32. Chanel #5 – my favourite perfume

33. Edith Piaf – I love her voice and love to open my windows wide and turn up the volume on the stereo

34. Ironing water – so many to choose from

35. Geraniums in window boxes – I hate the smell but love the way they look

36. Old French linen – something that I plan to start collecting

37. Vineyards in autumn – the colours of the leaves are beautiful

Photo - Kees Terberg I plan to profile his work in the future as his work is amazing

38. Chandeliers – every house needs one

Please email me any of your favourite French things and I will add to the list.

Merci beaucoup



  1. Love your post! I found you through Vintage Home lifestyle's blog (Cathleen's great).
    A part of me wants to say ditto to your list.

    I will email my favorites, but just had to say here. Simple dinners, the freshest ingredients from the market!

    Pastis - I love mauresque or perroquet the best.

    The smiles - you smile, you get a smile in return.
    Bonne journée!

  2. I think your list is the same as mine but I do like a Kir!

  3. I'd have an extremely similar list too - love this beautiful post..!
    J'adore la France aussi..:)

  4. What a brilliant post! Can't wait to get to France (one month to go) - your list makes the anticipation even greater. Thank you!

  5. Macarons from Laduree...if I live in Paris, I'll probably stop by a Laduree everyday:) J'adore your blog...will add you to my j'adore list.

  6. I agree, a lovely, lovely post.

    Some of my favourites to add would be:

    macaroons- preferably Laduree rose and orange blossom ones

    all the basset hounds in Paris

    the flower syrups in drinks- violet especially

    the queues for bread

    the fact perfume is taken so seriously

    the pharmacies- I love love love them

    Lovely blog, I just found you via French Essence

  7. My list could be similar . My favorites favorites are bread and cheese

  8. I agree about the macaroons, they are so yummy. There is a parisian lady that comes to our market in the spring and sells the yummiest and she makes the most beautiful fabric bags to put them in. They make great presents!
    The pharmacies are amazing, you always seem to find really unusual things in them, which also make good presents.
    Our local pharmacy sells the most amazing rose bath liquid, my partner always knows when I have indulged as you can smell it throughout the house - it is heavenly!

    bien amicalement

    L x

  9. Great post. I will take some time to make a list and check it twice..(smile) Can't wait to read more of your blog.


  10. I have only been to Paris one time, and needless to say I fell in love with France! You are living my dream! I have had wonder lust for acouple of years now and often wonder what it would be like to live in France! Glad I found your blog.

  11. Love your blog & this post! I also would have to add macaroon's and pharmacies - so many beautiful things I stock up on. I usually go to France each year and love it all. Ax

  12. There is so much I love about France and so much French that calls my name. I know this is way past the original writing. However my favorite french items are the poteri pieces I purchased in Soufflenheim. I also agree that every home needs a chandelier, I prefer many.

  13. The physical contact on meeting - handshakes for the mecs, kisses for the nanas..
    The fact that they aren't afraid of strong tastes.
    The flirtatious aspect to male/female relationships.
    The structured meals.
    The fact that they will not suffer in silence like us Brits!
    & a million more..
    As you might have guessed, I love it here!

  14. A wonderful list and a wonderful blog. Thanks for sharing France with us stranded somewhere in the rest of the world.

  15. Witaj!
    To takie piękne co napisałaś, nie spodziewałam się, że jest tyle francuskich rzeczy, które uwielbiam i tęsknię za nimi każdego dnia.
    Dodałabym tutaj jeszcze drzewa oliwne i oliwę z oliwek, którą uwielbiam polewać świeżą, chrupiącą bagietkę;
    wspaniałe domy z kamienia, mury kamienne, mosty kamienne i małe kamienne domki na narzędzia stojące pośrodku winnicy;
    cigales grąjace całymi dniami i wieczorami na upalnym południu Francji;
    meble z kutego żelaza;
    zioła prowansalskie - kupione w dużych ilościach podczas krótkich wakacji w Prowansji - z sentymentu do Francji dodaję je chyba do wszystkiego;)
    lawendowy miód;
    sól morską z Camarque;
    musztardę z Dijon;
    mydło z Marsylii;
    platany przy wiejskich drogach, tworzące wspaniałe aleje;
    fontanny spotykane we Francji na każdym kroku i w przeróżnych kształtach;
    antyki; obrazy - zwłaszcza impresjonistów.....
    Ach rozmarzyłam się dzięki Tobie, niestety w tym roku nie będę mogła tam pojechać, ale w myślach jestem tam codziennie.
    Dziękuję za miłe refleksje!


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