Let's run away to the sea

I adore living in country France but are times when I long to be near the sea. As they say you can take the girl out of New Zealand but you cannot take New Zealand out of the girl.

Last Spring we stayed at the most fabulous Chambres D'hotes "Ma Maison de Mer" and hope to return in Autumn.

The house is run by a young english couple who have lived in France for over 10 years and are loving every moment of it.

The house is situated 200m from the beach and 500 metres from the village centre. Not far from the house is the most fabulous seafood restaurant which is situated right on the beach, it reminds me a lot of Bather's Pavillion in Sydney.

This is a photo of the house, all the houses in the area are of the same design.

This is a photo of the bar area.....

This is the living area, I loved the couch it was so comfy and there were lots of magazines and brochures on things to see in the area.

The dining room, I love the colours and the mix of textures.................very calming.

The chambre that we stayed in, very light and airy.

What is missing? You are right!.... we need a photo of the sea, this is the beach near the house.

I cannot wait to revisit but that will be later in the year, I am supposed to be painting today so I had better go.

à très bientôt

L xx


  1. It's easy to see why you're so looking forward to returning to this gorgeous place. If the restaurant is half as good as Bathers it must be fabulous - it's one of my favourite Sydney restaurants! I don't know what's best - the food or the view.

  2. Painting, dreaming, painting, dreaming - such decisions! Right call, dreaming about such a wonderful place should win out every time.
    Millie ^_^

  3. How wonderful! I live five minutes from Puget Sound and I know what you mean about needing to be near the water.

    Thank you for the mini holiday!

  4. I discovered your blog just now. I lost my heart to Provence since two years. Exactly one week ago I'have been in the Luberon one more time. I'm looking for the time I life there for longer time... I add you on my bloglist. A plus

  5. Hi L
    WOW.. beautiful place, I wish I were there too.
    Love the decor of the hotel.
    x Julie

  6. Gorgeous! I love the simplicity of the white and neutral colour scheme. As you say, very calming.

  7. OMG it's absolutely beautiful! I love every inch of it! I too am inhaling paint fumes (which I secretly love but I know will shorten my life!)A-M xx

  8. Breathtakingly beautiful!! No wonder you want to go back there!

    Must be divine to stay in a place like that!

    I'm from the coast as well (the coast nearby Helsinki in Finland) and do know what you mean when you say that you yearn to be near the sea at times. I so have it too :).



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