Hooked on antique french beds

I am really loving these "hooked on" posts as I love hearing from other people are hooked on.

Me? I am hooked on antique french beds, I simply cannot get enough of them but we are fast running out of space to store them.

This is the first one that I ever bought........

Chambre Rouge - Maison de Poitiers

This one is one of favourite styles and they are becoming harder to find in France:

Chambre Bleue - Maison de Poitiers

This one is truly french.....................

Chambre Baroque - Maison de Poitiers

This is one that I bought in Dubai from an American friend:

Chambre Verte - Maison de Poitiers

I recently bought a couple more but these are in storage at present and will be listed in the shop shortly.

What are YOU hooked on? Go visit Julia at Hooked on Housesand see what others are "hooked" on!

L x


  1. Gorgeous! I'm excited to see what your new beds look like.
    Mrs. Petrie @ casapetrie.com

  2. At the moment I am 'Hooked on' Staircases. This will change by next week...

  3. Hello L
    OMG.. OMG.. I love love french bed too. You are lucky to have more in your storage(envy.. envy.)I sent you email via your online shop 3 days ago and no reply. I was wondering if you have recieved it? Can you please contact me ?
    ophirfabric at gmail dot com

  4. Just beautiful, they look so inviting.

  5. What a beautiful collection of beds you have - I'm so envious. And your rooms are fabulous - you've done a really wonderful restoration! Could we see more photos please? Leigh

  6. Oh my! I am in L O V E with these beds. That one with the covered head and foot board --- Simplement splendide!

  7. Julie I have just emailed you on that address, I previously emailed you to the other address and also the one attached to the chic little shop.


  8. I love those beds. When we lived in Europe we saw them all the time in flea markets. Makes me wish I had one!

  9. Poppin over from Julia's. Those beds ARE beautiful!! I love how French decor is so lush, luxurious, and inviting. SWOON!

  10. Right now, I'm hooked on your antique french beds! Gorgeous... all of them :)


  11. I took a peek in your sweet shoppe! How delightful! I adore the beds.

    Please stop by my blog. I am hosting a 200th post giveaway.


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