Hamburgers & Orchids

You may well ask - what do hamburgers and orchids have in common and how could they possibly be fabulously french?

Well the story goes something like this, a kiwi girl who has been working very hard painting her "fabulously french" house all day decided that she was a little sick of foie gras and felt like hamburgers. So off trotted her better half alias Mr FF to find some hamburger ingredients.

He returns not only with the neccesary items but also with the most beautiful moth orchid (phalaenopsis) which incidentally are my favourite flowers.

I discovered to my delight that it fits perfectly along with the one that he bought me for Valentine's day in a lovely basket that I bought at a vide grenier that we attended last week.

End result?.... a very happy kiwi girl who is going to be fed tonight and also has her lovely orchids to admire.

Hope that you are having a good weekend.

L x


  1. little bit jealous here - have a great weekend.

  2. Oh how pretty! Orchids are my favorite flowers....Christine

  3. Hi L
    Interesting story(smile) Love your flower but I like the background where your flower is..
    Have a wonderful day!

    x Julie

  4. Gorgeous things aren't they! I grow Cymbidium orchids and move them in and out of the house but sadly I can't grow Phalaenopsis. Love the two in one basket - it's a fabulous look.


  5. You lucky thing, my love gift yesterday was a Red Bull. Hmmmmm.


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