Fabulous French Chairs

I am almost lost for words, I am in chair/chaise heaven!
This chair is so sweet - I love the hunting theme!
The one below is called Shabby Louis, I adore it!

Photos: Gilles Nouhailhac

This one is called Romance, hundreds of handmade fabric petals embroidered with pearls create the windblown flowers that swirl over this chair.

They are so beautiful, there are lots more on the Gilles Nouhailhac website, enjoy!
Bonne semaine
L x


  1. What a beautiful collection of chairs - I have a couple but not nearly as gorgeous as these. May be a re-upholstery job should be planned - I just love the hunting theme but then again the flowers are divine .....


  2. These are beautiful- the last chair leaves me speechless!

  3. I adore that last chair like Alice does.

  4. the flower chair is gorgeous...i wonder how it feels to sit on it?!


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