Chanel No. 5 - I am hooked on it

I am so hooked on Chanel N°5, I adore it! Even when I am renovating I wear it, it makes me feel like a woman despite the dust and burly men around me.

I love how it is described on the website………………

“N°5 works its powerful magic by enveloping women in a subtle cloud of elegance and sophistication. Whenever they wear this symbol of femininity, women express their seductiveness moment after magical moment.With its links to Andy Warhol and Marilyn Monroe, its Ylang-Ylang from the Comoros and its Grasse Jasmine, N°5 remains the greatest and best known perfume in the world. This timeless classic, both contemporary and unusual, remains the absolute benchmark of feminine fragrances, entrancing, elegant and always modern.

Known to all women and yet belonging to each individual, this abstract olfactory bouquet was the first of its kind to blend floral essences and aldehydes in these proportions. Aldehydes originate in the chemistry of synthesis and bring a new lightness to natural raw materials.

This is what gives N°5 its modernity, its classicism and its simplicity. « Alléger, supprimer, ne garder que l'essentiel, tel est le secret de l'intemporel », « The secret of timelessness is to simplify, to pare down, to keep only what is essential » in the words of the woman behind its creation.”

I love Marilyn Monroe’s quote…………………..

What do I wear in bed? Why, Chanel No.5, of course!

And I adore Nicole Kidman in Baz Luhrman’s oh so lavish No. 5 advertisement…………

What are YOU hooked on? Go visit Julia at Hooked on Housesand see what others are "hooked" on!

Bonne weekend

L x


  1. Oh.. Chanel No.5 is my favorite too. Loved Nicole's AD. Great!! Thank you.


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  3. I remember MY first bottle of Chanel no.5: it was given to me by my then boyfriend. STILL love the fragrance, fell out of love with the boyfriend lol.

    (sorry my previous post had some typo's)

  4. I am a Guerlain gal - so its Jicky and Mitsouko for me.

  5. My mom used to wear Chanel #5. I always thought glamorous people wore that...

  6. I love it too, I brought my 1st bottle in Paris (many years ago) and have worn it ever since then...

  7. Love that you wear it while renovating!! My work sent is Chanel 22...everytime I pass my drssing table I have a squirt. I'm saving #5 for special moments....or maybe I'll adopt Marilyn's routine.

  8. ME TOO!

    I just love it! I wear it every day (in the tiniest quantities :) and it's just the best scent ever. Other perfumes make me feel sick after a while...but Chanel #5 is pure heavenliness!

  9. Love those quotes - especially Marilyn Monroe's, xv.

  10. I'm hooked on about fifty scents!!

    I especially love No 19 though- a slightly unsung perfume goddess.

  11. I love Chanel no.5, the only time I do not have it on is gardening...the bebits love it too. I use the soap, cream, lotion, purse spray size, large size spray...I use chanel makeup and skin care too, great stuff.
    I have that poster of Marilyn, need to get it framed, bought it for the bathroom then found a picture of the eiffel tower and put that up for now...I leaving the computer for a minute, need to have a spray...Regards, Carol Ann


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