Belle gift tags

As many of you know I have an online shop which sells anything that is french and fabulous. The plan is to open a showroom in September once we have completed the renovation of apartment No. 2.

Hence when I am not renovating or running Maison de Poitiers our Boutqiue Chambres D'hotes, I am scouring France for stock for the shop.

I have discovered on etsy some really gorgeous tags which would be perfect for gift wrapping, so I thought I would share some with you.......

Made by Bluebirdlane - it is gorgeous!

Made by Seasonal Delights

Made by Seasonal Delights

Another by Bluebirdlane

Made by ClaryceDesign

Let me know which one/s you like best.

Merci beaucoup

L x


  1. Those are truly fabulous! I love the pink and black with the Eiffel Tower (of course) and the one with the chandelier (I posted about a project with a chandelier image today) and the one with the crown. C'est magnifique!

  2. Hello L
    Oh.. they are so petty. I will check them out. Thank you for sharing. I love to view some pictures of your shop.. wish I could visit you.. maybe someday(smile)

    Take care

  3. If this is an example of what you will be selling in your shop I cannot wait to shop there! I especially love the first 1.

  4. I love #1 and #3 the best. I have just bought some of the tags from Blue Bird Lane and they are lovely.
    Ness xx

  5. yes those are lovely, especially no 1!

  6. Yes, the Bluebirdlane images are gorgeous! Thanks for the tip-off, I love etsy, but it's always better when you can go directly to a store on someone's recommendation. Have a wonderful weekend.
    Millie ^_^

  7. I like them ALL... I cannot choose!
    BTW I just added you to my blogs i love to visit page!!!


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