Roche-Bobois is so fabulously french

I am taking a break from renovating as I have spent most of the day day painting doors - I suppose this is classed as fabulously french as the doors are french and they will look fabulous when completed :-)

I love Roche Bobois and one day when I am rich, plan to shop there. In the meantime I visit the website often and search on in the hope that some bargains appear.

Here are some of my favourite photos from the Roche-bobois website:

I love the range of purples....................

I love the chandelier and the fact that the heads in the paintings on the wall have no faces....................

I love the use of the neutral colours mixed with the brights - it is so well done!

Well what can I say except I love the proportions of the room, I especially love the fireplace, the magnificant windows and the oh so stunning chandelier....................

Tout est trés trés belle, Roche-Bobois est "fabulously french"!

Bonne semaine

L x


  1. ...and the mirrors and the rugs etc, these rooms are really special what wonderful taste you have !

  2. That last shot is my vision of a French home I will one day! Beautiful images and gorgeous chandeliers.
    Ness xx


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