Bon Weekend Tout Le Monde

It is Friday (vendredi in French but I am sure that you already knew that), so we are counting down to the weekend. We have a busy weekend ahead as there is still a lot to do on the renovation front but I am hoping that we will managed to squeeze in a picnic if the weather stays fine.
Last weekend we got our bicycles out and cycled to a nearby village and meandered around the narrow streets - we could not believe how many houses there were as when you drive, you drive through the village and the streets behind are not really wide enough for cars which is fortunate for the owners of the houses so you do not see what lies behind - it is like a secret world!

Bon weekend

L x


  1. thanks for the clothes tip...good idea! enjoy your picnic, the village sounds perfect.

  2. I just happened on your blog and love it! I will be back often! Have a wonderful week.

  3. J'adore this photo... it is très magnifique!
    BTW... Did you ever receive the book?
    Ooooh and Happy le quatorze julliet!

  4. I saw this picture in your linkwithin and had to take a closer look......I love it!

    looks like a painting........

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