Antique french tiles - we found treasure!

Today we were standing in one of the rooms on the ground floor when my builder/better half said I wonder what is under that lino. So we cut a piece and found another layer of older lino tiles.

We then lifted the lino tiles and there peaking out were some very old antique tiles. I painstaking scratched off old residue and some colours started to appear. Before going any further, I googled old french tiles and found the most amazing website and learnt that the tiles are called carreaux de ciments.

The house has one wall which dates to the 14th century but the remainder of the house was built in 1875 so I think that these are the original tiles but plan to contact the antique floor company to see if they are able to shed light on the age and also the design name.

Unfortunately the room is used for storage at present so I am hopeful that the tiles are complete and that none have been damaged. I now know how archaeologists feel when they find treasure!

The room that we found the tiles in is going to be my shop which I am hoping to open in September so I have been busy sourcing stock and it now looks like I am going to be busy restoring the tiles - they are fabulous!

à la prochaine

L x


  1. What a wonderful find Leeann. I do hope they are all intact for you. I have just found your blog and look forward to reading more, xv.

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