My birdcage project...

As many of you Ange, my very lovely kiwi friend in Toulouse, gave me a gorgeous antique birdcage as a gift.

I was not sure what to do with it and asked you all for suggestions. Some of you suggested painting it and some suggested leaving it in it's original state.

I decided to wax it with some antique wax and what a difference it made to the very old and very dry wood.

I then lined the cage with very old manuscript pages and then put some dried decorations in the bottom of the cage. I then hang a small canvas in the back of the cage.

The brocantess suggested that as it was going to the entrance way of Apartment deux I should include a number 2 on the birdcage.

I already had some petite enamel numbers, so used one that I had.

The finishing touch was a pieces of white ribbon which I used to hang the birdcage from the ceiling with.

Many thanks to all of you for your wonderful suggestions, I would be lost without you.

Tomorrow afternoon, I am off to my wreath making class and will be reporting back on Friday.

Hope that you are all enjoying the fextive season where ever you are in this big blogging world of ours.

Je vous souhaite un mercredi merveilleux

L x


  1. The birdcage looks fabulous - love everything that you've done! The number is a gorgeous finishing touch. Leigh

  2. Birds and bircages are inspiring, yours is very poetic!

  3. It look so gorgeous! You had so many great ideas and I think it looks perfect right now the way it is. The number 2 is just right too.

    Best wishes, Natasha.

  4. The creativity that flows from all my bloggy friends makes me feel so happy and keeps me inspired. Your blog is so fabulous. I love the bird cage and the little number 2 is so sweet.

  5. Your birdcage is magnificent, Leeann! Love what you did!

  6. Your birdcage is really pretty!
    Great job!

  7. Verryyyyy preeeeetttteeeeee!!!!
    I love it...especially your enamel number on the front.
    Tooo sweeeet!

  8. What a clever way to display a tiny canvas! And how perfect that enamel - 2 - looks on the door. Is the wax sort of like our beeswax here in the States? Beautiful!

  9. It turned out great Leeann! I love the number 2 on the cage! Have a wonderful day!

  10. Hmmm - you deserve many more presents seeing how well you use them ;-) Hope you get heaps from Santa!!! It's beautiful!

  11. Brilliant Leeann. I love the little number, and the canvas is a great idea too. You've turned a sweet little birdcage into a collection of special things. Enjoy.

  12. Gorgeous - the suggestion of the number was brilliant.

  13. Very imaginative! Just Lovely- thank you so much for sharing!

  14. What a fabulous little bird cage...Love what you've done with it.

  15. Your cage is so beatiful and you made a lovely arrangements inside it!

  16. A beautiful birdcage, looking even more beautiful with your additions. Lovely. Have fun, making your wreath. XXXX

  17. The little canvas you added was such a unique touch! The final result is, well fabulous!

  18. Leean, your bird cage is so charming! It's perfection!!

    My package arrived today! That was pretty quick and I am so happy with it!!! I'll be posting about it on my blog!

    Have a wonderful day!


  19. Darling!
    If I was a bird I'd move in in a minute! It really turned out well and the enameled number just makes it!Well done LeeAnn!

  20. Oh I love the birdcage! All of the little touches you added make it so enchanting.


  21. That looks so lovely -
    have a great day :-)


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