Tour of Ma Maison- part 1

The lovely Leigh, owner of the Brabourne Farm blog,which incidentally is one of my very favourite blogs, has asked if I will show some more pictures of our house, so here goes......

This is one of my favourite rooms, the Chambre Chinoise which has been highly rated on I had a lot of fun doing this room as I love anything chinese!

I bought the mirror in Macau, the frame is antique but the mirror is new.

Moving along the hall......the next room is the Chambre Bleue, which you may have already seen in my hooked on post last Friday.

I adore the furniture in this room and plan to stock some in the shop, space permitting.

I bought these bookends whilst living in Dubai, I love blue and white...

I also love antique french passion prints, like this one in the Chambre Bleue and have a few which I will be selling in the shop.

This is the armoire, which matches the bedends and was purchased as a set.

Mirror frame in the ensuite bathroom.....

Tomorrow I will show you the Chambre Rouge and the dining room, here is a sneak preview of the Chambre Rouge...................

A demain

L x


  1. Thank you - it's absolutely gorgeous! Love everything, especially the bookends - they're just beautiful. Can't wait to see more - looking forward to LOTS of photos.



  2. Lovely pics of gorgeous rooms - look forward to tomorrow, xv.

  3. Absolutely gorgeous. I am also looking forward to tomorrow.
    Ness xx

  4. Love those french rooms of yours. Thanks for stopping by!

  5. The colorcomination of the Chambre Chinoise is wonderful. This is my favourite. This post is lots of inspiration. I'm going right over to mydeco.

  6. Absolutely beautiful - I also loved your post from yesterday. I would love to be there right now!

  7. What a delightful home you have - I love your taste in interior deco. :)

  8. Oh.. L
    Beautiful, Lovely, Gorgeous, Wonderful. Delightful, Afflatus.. (smile).Can't wait to see more pictures.. something to look forward to..
    Have a great day!!
    x Julie

  9. I just love everything you have done. It all looks very French and all the extra thought you have put into each piece...well done!
    oxo Cate

  10. Be still my heart - that armoire! It's just what I want . . .

  11. Hi,

    As I like to say : classic is ethernal.

    Kind regards,


    P.S. I wonder what button combination I pressed to delete all that I've written...

  12. lovely.. i especially like the Chambre Chinoise
    A bientot....


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