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Ever kichen should have one....

{photo from here}
...or perhaps even two if it is a large one. Bien sur, I am talking about chandeliers and think that they make a kitchen complete. That said, I personally think that they look fabulous in ANY room.

What do you think?

Leeann x
p.s. I have just received a few French antique chandeliers and will be updating the shop in the next day or so, should anyone be looking for a fabulous antique French one.

Introducing the Marquis et Marquise...

What little girl or big girl, for that matter, could resist these two fabulous vintage 1950's dolls?

I love the attention to detail, the "Marquise" comes complete with petticoat and lace pants underneath her fabulous dress....

Whilst the "Marquis" looks equally splendid in all his finery.

They are available for purchase in the Fabulously French online shop, for the royal sum of 20 euros + postage

Speaking for royal we also have one more of the Baron's sheets in stock complete with crown and monogramme, you will find more details here.

Wishing you all a fabuleuse semaine, Leeann x

vendredi fleurs...

{photos taken in the nearby village of Pujols}

Well it is that time of the week again, I hope that you have all had a good week.

Here it has been hot in SW France and we are hoping to spend Sunday by the sea.

Wishing you all a fabulous Friday/

Je vous souhaite à tous un fabuleux vendredi,

Leeann x

A fabulous blog to share with you...

{image from here}

I have found a fabulous blog/website which is currently featuring the laduree new cook book, hence I thought that you may want to visit. It is called Melanger Baking and I am sure that you are going to love it.

Please click here to visit.

A tres bientot, Leeann x

Fetes des Fleurs...

Bonjour from yet another hot day (31 degrees) in SW France, how was your weekend?

Ours was another busy but very fun weekend. Yesterday we managed to visit 3 vide greniers where linen was the find of the day (tablecloth, napkins and sheets) along with a fabulous vintage curtain, had lunch at a restaurant owned by a man passionate about antiques and then returned to spend the afternoon at the fete des fleurs in our village. As you may have guessed by the name it was a flower festival and you will find some photos of the flowers that wew on offer, below but I was particularly taken with the children's colleges and wanted to share a few with you....

I love the way the children have mixed different media along with pictures of fairies, butterflies, birds and other animals.

The collages looked fabulous hanging between the trees...

Seeing them inspired me and I may just have to try one for myself...

And now the flowers begin......

There was even some plants from New Zealand......

Along with lo…

vendredi fleurs...

Well it is start time of the week again, and for us, this weekend promises to be a weekend full of flowers as we have the annual flower and bee festival taking place this Sunday in the grounds of the old Chateau.

The forecast is for sunshine and I am planning to take my camera so that I can share some photos with you next week.

Je vous souhaite une vendredi merveilleux et un fabuleux week-end,

Leeann x

antique yet modern....

New in at Fabulously French is this fabulous antique quilt or coutilas it is called in French.

It came to us along with a number of other items when a local Chateau was sold and as a result, it's owner is in the process of downsizing to a smaller property.

I adore the fabric and bearing in mind it's age (over 100 years) it is in great condition.

On one side are these fabulous branches and leaves in tones of grey and aubergine.

It is beautifully backed with cotton vichy check, batted with woollen fleece and hand quilted.

Note there are some light marks on the back which would vanish when washed but I am selling it in "as found" original condition.

There are also some patches in an old Toile de Jouy which add to its character, it is after all, an antique piece dating back to the late 18th or very early 19th Century.

{gorgeous vichy fabric with toile de jouy patches}

It measures about 86″ by 74″ or 2.21m by 1.88m and weighs about 2 kg. The condition is very good, there are …

weekend tresors...

{one of the weekend's finds - she is tres jolie}

I was hoping to write this post yesterday but the day disappeared at a rate of knots and I am hoping that today does not go quite as quickly.

Here are some of the items that I found on Sunday....

Despite having a piece missing from her crown and one of the enfant's arms being damaged, I adore this statue and have placed her on the mantle in my showroom.

Another find was a pair of vintage appliques/wall lights which I love and think that they would look great in a shabby chic styled bathroom or bedroom.

Love the colour of these curtains! There are two and they come with a matching pelmet and vintage tie backs. Not only would they look great as curtains but I think that they would look great as part of a ciel de lit/bed crown over a bed - the pom pom detail is fabulous.

Love this silk hanky with "Souvenir de France" embroidered on it but I personally think that it is a little good to use.
I searched the internet and found out t…


Today I am up a ladder cleaning windows.

Aujourd'hui, je suis sur une échelle pour le nettoyage des fenêtres.

But I wish that I was sitting pretty drinking tea with a macaron (or two).

Mais je prefererai etre assise ainsi, à boire du thé avec un macaron (ou deux).

Maybe tomorrow....peut-être demain..

Leeann x

p.s. spent the day hunting for tresors yesterday, we found a few, will show you tomorrow!

.....both photos from the fabulous Rodney smith.....

vendredi fleurs...

{tulips in the hall of Apt Deux @ maison No. 20}

Bonsoir from a very hot SW France,It looks like the gorgeous weather that we have been experiencing for the last couple of months, is set to continue and another hot and sunny weekend is forecast for our area.

Hence we are spending the evening having a "pique nique" by a lovely lake not far from the village.

It even has a very old washing area complete with worn stones from where the ladies placed their knees whilst washing - a truly wonderful place and I dream about what it must have been like back then before the days of the modern washing machines.That said, and being in the business that I am in, I would struggle if I had to wash all my linen by hand. Either that or all rooms would have small beds so that I did not have to wash large king-size sheets by hand.
Wishing you all a fabulous weekend/

Je vous souhaite à tous un fabuleux week-end.....amicalement, Leeann x

fete des fleurs...

When I saw this fabulous poster advertising the village flower festival I wanted to share it with you. The problem was that it was in the window of the local tabac which is run by the Mayor and his wife. I explained that I write a blog and that I wanted a copy to share with you all.
The very accomodating Mayor's wife advised that it was possible but I would have to return later in the day as she was very busy.
And here it is, with a big merci beacoup to Madame Betaille for the copy of this fabulous poster.
For those of you that will be in the area the Fete des fleurs is taking place on the 22nd of May in the park near the old Chateau.
Amicalement from a very very hot SW France, Leeann x

I want one of these..

{photo from here}
What is it about a gypsy style caravan or roulotte as they are called in French, that makes you want to run away?

A friend has one complete with lights on the ceiling that resemble stars. Another friend is selling a piece of land that would be an ideal home for a roulotte.

Did I mention that the piece of land comes complete with wee wooden cabin that has no electricity or water. The idea of having no electricity and using candles is romantic, but I am not convinced about the no water part but think that this would be easier enough to solve through purchasing water and storing in a large tank.

An eco retreat amongst the vines, what do you think?
Good idea or not? I would love to know what you think...Leeann x

fabulously white...

Thought that I would share this photo with you. I am spending the afternoon photographing stock to put on ebay.

Isn't this pillow adorable, just wish that my initial was "M".

It was in the trunk that we got from Madame who has recently downsized from a Chateau to a almost as large town house.

There are also many other goodies which I have yet to photograph. I have also just listed this fabulous sheet which belonged to a local French Baron, it has the initials "MA" intwined on it.

And just above the hemline it has bows - it is really is one of the prettiest sheets I have seen.

I had better continue with the photographing, hope that you are having a fabulous weekend, where ever you are.... Leeann x

vendredi fleurs..

{photo taken around the corner from Maison No. 20}
Bonjour from a tranquil SW France - it is after all only 7h53 in the morning...the forecast is for a sunny and hot (28 degrees) today so I am hoping that we get more of this for the weekend.

We are going to be having a stand at a local brocante on Sunday so my plan is to start getting my "stock" organised today.
Wishing you all a fabulous Friday/Je vous souhaite à tous un fabuleux vendredi....Leeann x

It started...

It all started, with a friend asking me for a cup of tea and it ended at Madame's house who's family used to own one of the most beautiful Chateau's in SW France.

From the moment that she greeted us at the front door to the time we left (some 9 hours later) let's just say it was like a fabulous dream.

Everywhere we looked we saw fabulous items, a lot of which I had only seen in books and museums. What a life she has had and how lucky we were, to get a glimpse into what is a very private world that few will ever know about.

Every item had a fabulous story and I was like a child listening to a fairy tale, never wanting it to end.

A few items were loaded into the car and we promised to return with a bigger car as the visit was initially just to "regarde".

One of the items that we bought back with us, is this remarkable Antique French Napoleon III valance dating c 1860.

This textile is extraordinary~ it would have been hung as part of a bedding set, either hung as a …